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5 Tips for Entertaining Clients: How to Wow Them

If you own a business or work in sales, entertaining clients comes with the territory. But if it’s something you’ve struggled with in the past, it probably makes you nervous. So are there ways to make it a more accessible and rewarding experience?
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Build Solid Relationships with Clients in a Home-Based Business

Do you run a home-based business? There are a lot of things that you have to do to build successful customer relationships. One of the most important things is building solid relationships with customers.

Choosing a Bank: 3 Main Factors Corporate Clients Consider

In recent times, corporations from all over the world have begun reevaluating their relationships with their bank. Furthermore, a considerable number have reported an increased dissatisfaction. Let's review the main factors clients consider before choosing a bank.
Salon Clients

5 Ways to Keep Your Salon Clients Coming Back

As a salon owner, your clients are the lifeline of your business. However, building and retaining a steady clientele and list can be a difficult task for salons of all sizes. However, there are many different retention strategies that can be tailored to work for your business.
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How to Attract More Clients to Your Salon

You’ve probably assembled the best possible team of experienced hairstylists and beauty specialists for your salon. You may have even found the best possible location. But how can you attract more clients?
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Clients on Demand Review 2020: An Inside Look at the Program

In this article, we will take a sneak peek inside the highly acclaimed Clients on Demand course and hear what a few of COD’s students have to say about their experience.
personal injury lawyer

Personal Injury Lawyer: The 3 Main Duties to Clients

It can be easy to identify when you need a personal injury lawyer but not understand what one can do for them. Here are their three primary duties.
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Online Marketing Will Attract New Clients to Your Business

Online marketing has revolutionized the way businesses approach client acquisition. Paid online advertising can be left on autopilot, for one thing. For another, it’s more effective and less expensive than traditional advertising.
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7 Ways to Build Rapport with Clients

The success of your business depends on having good rapport with your clients. Your clients and customers are the people you depend on to purchase your goods and pay for your services. Without them, your business would quickly collapse. Here are some ways to build and maintain good rapport with your clients.
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Business Proposal Tips for Winning New Clients

Chances are, you spent a great deal of time preparing your business proposal. However, the thought of presenting it makes you feel desperate, because you know you really need to win this client over. This article will help you to present your business proposal efficiently and effectively.
animated videos

The Value of Animated Videos for Presenting to Clients

Animated videos are cost-effective and compelling. Plus, they take much of the stress out of client presentations. Read on to find out more.
pamper clients

How to Pamper Clients When They’re Visiting Your Business Office

Keep in mind that what clients see first as they walk through the doors of your business could mean that they choose to trust your business and invest money with you. Or it could motivate them to look elsewhere. Managers and business owners must remember that how their employees communicate with and treat clients is critically important. Here are seven ways to pamper clients when they’re visiting your business office.

Billing Your Clients: Should You Charge by the Hour or per Project?

The decision how you should be billing your clients is an important one. This is true for many business areas, such as IT, design, and architecture. There are two common approaches: billing by the hour or billing a flat rate for each project. Each option has its benefits and its drawbacks. Let's try to figure out which approach is best for your situation.
SEO game

How to Win the SEO Game in 2018 and Bring More Clients to Your...

Learning and using search engine optimization, or SEO, is essential to promoting your business. What's more, the SEO game is the biggest game in town these days. The field of SEO continues to expand and change almost daily. Developers are continuously devising new techniques and strategies. It can be overwhelming to try to keep up with it all. But if you can learn to look at it as a game—a game you can win—you can keep the SEO game in perspective.
bookkeeping clients

4 Simple Keys to Providing Better Service for Your Bookkeeping Clients

When it comes to providing good service to your bookkeeping clients, you have lot to keep in mind. For one thing, you need to make sure that there are no errors in their accounts. After all, there is nothing more important than making sure that you don’t make mistakes while handling someone else's finances. We offer some suggestions here for providing better service to your online bookkeeping clients.

Top Tips to Help Your Clients Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress

As a wedding planner you know that choosing the perfect wedding dress is at the top of every bride's to-do list. A wedding is an incredibly exciting time for your clients. But it’s also a time of great stress, considering there are so many choices to make. Your clients want to make sure the food they serve fits everyone’s dietary needs. They want to be sure that the personalized wedding glassware is elegant and tasteful. But the bride's search for the perfect wedding dress is perhaps the most stressful search of all. That's why we’ve put together this guide to help each of your clients find a gorgeous gown that's right for her.

Tips for a Wedding Planner to Give to Anxious Clients

Are you a wedding planner? If you are, you likely deal with nervous brides on a daily basis. And if you’re looking for advice that will help them to settle their jittery nerves, here is a brief primer you can use.

Impressing Clients of Your New Business Right off the Bat

If you decide to start your own new business, you know that it won’t take place in a vacuum. Whether you’re providing services of some sort or you're selling products, it’s going to take interaction with clients to get your business off the ground.

Clients, Customers and Co-Workers: Gifting Everyone Despite the Hustle and Bustle of the Holiday...

Christmas is a time when we show our appreciation to family and friends by exchanging gifts that are personal and meaningful. So, why shouldn’t this be the case with your customers and employees too? As the festivities approach it can be difficult to find the time to start organizing something for everyone within your business but this could help to further your business’s success the following year.

Schooley Mitchell Is in the Business of Saving Clients Millions of Dollars

Schooley Mitchell is the largest independent telecom and merchant services consulting company in North America. Their network of franchised consulting offices across the continent...