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Reading Business Magazines Is a Must for Every Entrepreneur

It is more important than ever for entrepreneurs to take time for reading in today’s fast-paced world. Reading can help you unwind and relieve stress. But more importantly, it can provide a new outlook on life—and on your business.
Farming Business

How to Make Your Farming Business More Sustainable

A sustainable farming business protects the envirnonment so it can benefit long-term. Here are five of the best sustainable agriculture practices for your business.
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Where Are Cable TV Companies Investing Resources Today?

Recent studies have shown that cable TV companies have not been able to gain significant numbers of new customers. In fact, consumers are cutting their ties with the cable TV industry, resulting in dropping revenues for the entire industry.
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How Will Reopening Affect the UK Property Market?

What does the reopening of the UK property market mean for UK homeowners and buyers? We look for answers to this question here.
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How You Can Help to Reverse Climate Change

Extreme weather conditions nearly everywhere on our planet have convinced most people these days that climate change is real. However, if we all do our part, we can turn things around. In fact, there are changes you can make to the way you run your business that can make a difference in reversing climate change. Read on to find out more.
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6 Contract Types Your Business Needs

While verbal agreements are adequate in some scenarios, most businesses need to get written contracts. These commitments protect them and their operations from exploitation.

3 Proactive Steps Financial Institutions Are Taking to Increase Security

Financial institutions have always been magnets for criminal activity. So perhaps it isn’t surprising that they have become one of the most high profile targets for cyber criminals. Cyber attacks on financial institutions are on the rise. Therefore, banks and credit unions of all sizes have committed significant resources to combating cyber attacks. However, this often amounts to simply plugging security gaps as they open up.

Yoga: A Fashionable Trend and a Sterling Business Opportunity

There's no doubt about it: The practice of yoga is a fashionable trend. What's more, it's also a terrific business opportunity for a yogi with an entrepreneurial bent. The demand is large and growing. A tool for weight loss as well as combating stress, this Indian discipline has billions of followers around the world. Many more know they want to use this ancient practice for spiritual, medicinal, and aesthetic reasons. They just need someone to teach them. Are you someone who can do that?

Restaurant Loyalty Programs Can Be Your Next Home-Based Business Opportunity

Restaurants can be a tricky business. You can have the best food, the best service and the best atmosphere, and it’s still possible that...

Green Depot

Founder and president Sarah Beatty bills Green Depot as the country's largest green building supplier, with 10 showrooms and 20 warehouses across the Northeast. She...

Coffee Franchise Xpresso Delight Partners With Mission Australia

Business-to-business coffee franchise Xpresso Delight has partnered with one of the country’s leading providers of homeless services - Mission Australia - to help raise...

Child Safety Is Mom’s Business

MarcoNews.com: Kelly Martin is more than a mom on a mission, and she’s making it her business to be one. A mother of two, Martin...

MLM Carbon Trading

The Carbon Advice Group has launched what they say is the the world’s first multi-level affiliate carbon offset network today at CarbonAdviceGroup.com. ...