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How to Make Money with Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate includes retail space, apartment buildings, offices, warehouses,and so on. This type of real estate generates income through appreciation of the property as well as from business revenue. Successful businessman Ofir Eyal Bar shares his experience in this post.

SBA Program To Help Commercial Real Estate Owners

If the mortgage on your commercial real estate property is a little too high to handle, the SBA has recently set up a new...

Commercial Real Estate: Petland To Reopen Store At Chapel Ridge

fwdailynews.com: The Petland store at Chapel Ridge, which closed last year because of the franchisee’s financial problems, will be reopened this summer by the Ohio-based...
commercial property

4 Real Estate Principles for Selling Commercial Property

Do you own a gas station, a shopping center, a line of retail shops, or some office spaces or convenience stores? If so, are you thinking it's time to sell your commercial property? Or perhaps you're considering leasing your commercial property to other businesses. In either case, you'll probably want to work with a commercial broker. But aside from that, there are a few real estate selling principles that will streamline a lot of your real estate headaches.
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A Brief History of Consumer Virtual Reality

We take a brief look back at how consumer virtual reality has evolved from cumbersome cinematic machines to the small head-mounted displays we revel in today.
Downtown City Real Estate

How COVID-19 Has Changed Downtown City Real Estate

Working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically shifted the way the world sees remote employment. However, does this affect downtown city real estate?
Day Porters

Day Porters: Silent Heroes in Commercial Properties

Routine cleaning and maintenance tasks must be on the to-do list for every commercial property business owner. Day porters are essential to improve the appearance of your business and make the best impression on your clients.
Photography Business

The Essentials of a Startup Commercial Photography Business

Thinking of turning your passion for photography into a business? Before you jump in and start charging for taking pictures, there are many things to consider before you can turn your passion into a successful full-fledged business.
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Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Services

If you are looking to enhance the look of your company, then you will want to consider the benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning company. You will find that the decision to have it done is easy when you understand the tremendous benefits associated with it.

Instagram for Realtors

Instagram for realtors can be a powerful tool on both the national and local levels. Keep reading to learn how to get...
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How to Start a Real Estate Business in Today’s Market

Having a real estate business is one of the most lucrative careers in the world. Real estate is a great investment, because if you're smart about it and do it right, you’re sure to make back whatever you invested and then some.
real estate investment

Real Estate Investment Newbie? 4 Tips to Help You Succeed

Recent stimulus plans have helped drive mortgage rates down. This forms the perfect environment for real estate investment.
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Investing in Real Estate: 5 Points to Study First

Investing in real estate opens up countless possibilities. What’s more, each of these possibilities has the potential to change your life dramatically. However, whether these changes are positive or negative is completely up to you. Here's what you should consider before investing in real estate.

24 Business Ideas in Real Estate That Are Very Successful

Are you thinking of business ideas in real estate as your next venture? The real estate industry is a super lucrative business...
commercial cash-out refinance

Why You Should Consider a Commercial Cash-out Refinance

Have interest rates gone down since you first took out your mortgage? For more favorable terms, a commercial cash-out refinance can help.
real estate investing

How to Raise Capital for Real Estate Investing and More

The last thing you will want to do in 2020 is sit on the sidelines because you don't have the funds for real estate investing. In this post, we share some ideas you can use.
real estate investing

Real Estate Investing: You Can Make Money and Here’s How

Real estate investing is a tried and true way of making money. What's more, across the country now, home values are on the rise. Take a closer look at some key ways to build wealth from real estate investing.
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Do You Need Commercial Truck Insurance?

Commercial truck insurance is nothing short of essential in the trucking industry. However, it's important to shop around and compare policies.
real estate auction

What You Should Know Before Bidding at a Real Estate Auction

If you're considering entering the real estate market as a business venture, a real estate auction could provide you with a way to get your foot in the door. However, what would you need to know before making your first bid?
cleaning company

The Ins and Outs of Starting a Commercial Cleaning Company

Starting a commercial cleaning company is one of the best decisions you will ever make. That's because you'll need less capital to start up a commercial cleaning company than you would with many other kinds of businesses. What's more, cleaning services are in high demand. Even better, the business requires no background experience or specialized training. Here we offer some steps you can take to get your commercial cleaning business off the ground.