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How Customer Journey Mapping Can Help Your Business

The e-commerce market is growing rapidly. Especially with many new online stores opening every day, it can be quite challenging for online store owners to beat the competition. Learn how a customer journey map can help your business become more profitable.
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Big Data: 6 Ways Learning to Use It Will Help Your Business

Big data, skillfully analyzed, can provide us with productive, useful insights that help us in countless ways. Some even believe that big data used this way is a game-changer. That's because it helps us to understand our market better. Moreover, it allows us to develop strategies for matching our competitors’ strengths, and more. Above all, analyzing and using big data properly helps us to become more effective business owners.

Time Tracking: A Great Strategy for Business Growth

It’s a great thing for top management to get an overall picture of how well workers are using their time. With time-tracking software, managers can easily analyze results and correct areas that need attention. Indeed, time tracking makes an excellent strategy for company growth since it streamlines processes and motivates employees to do their best.

20 Cheap Franchises To Start Under $20,000

These cheap franchises will earn you maximum profits with minimal costs.

Transitioning From Brick And Mortar To E-Commerce

When moving your business from a brick and mortar store to an online business, there are many things to consider. Obviously, you want to...