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A Guide to Crisis Management in the Modern World

There are so many situations that can be considered a crisis in the business world. To be proactive, you have to know what you’re up against, though. With that in mind, here are some of the core things to know about crisis management.
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Expense Management Software Helps Prevent Expense Fraud

Around 80% of anti-fraud experts agree that expense fraud levels have increased dramatically over the pandemic. In other words, the problem of expense fraud is real, and companies need to find new ways to mitigate it as soon as possible.
digitizing construction

Digitizing Construction Companies: A Step Toward Perfection

Construction is a booming industry. This factor can make the management of construction companies challenging. But digitizing construction practices can simplify day-to-day operations. Is it time for your construction company to digitize your operations?
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5 Hacks to Pick the Right Corporate Printing Service

As a business owner, you are confronted by many printing services to cater to your business printing needs. Therefore, narrowing down to the right printing solution is challenging. Here are tips for picking the right printing service for your business needs.
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7 Critical Transformations in Post-Pandemic Workspace Design

Pandemic restrictions are gradually lifting, and many business owners are looking to resume in-office operations. But before that can happen successfully, business owners will need to make radical changes in workspace design to accommodate post-pandemic realities.
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Should You Care About Employees’ Lives Away from the Office?

How can you keep tabs on employees' mental health when they're away from the office and working from home? And should you even care? We say yes. Here are the main reasons why you should care about your employees' lives outside of their daily work duties.

Bold Leadership Advice from IAC’s Former CEO Greg Blatt

Leadership takes guts. Unforeseen circumstances may cause even the most seasoned leader to falter. Former CEO Greg Blatt offers advice for success.
calculate your income tax

How to Properly Calculate Your Income Tax

Governments impose a tax on income generated by individuals or businesses. This is called an income tax. It is important to learn to calculate your tax correctly.
Customer Service - featured image

Customer Service Is Key to Your Success

Customers remember good customer service experiences, and they're willing to reward companies that treat them well. When customer care is done right, it can boost a company's bottom line tremendously.
content creation

Content Creation Tips: How to Create Quality Content That Google Loves

Do you want to attract lots of visitors to your site? Of course you do. Then your content creation needs to satisfy not only human beings but also the search engines. Here are our top content creation tips for creating the high-quality content that Google loves.
data quality management

How to Overcome 4 Common Pitfalls of Data Quality Management

Successful data quality management can positively influence the entire organization. It is therefore critical that organizations understand the pitfalls that confront them when developing a data quality management strategy. Only then can organizations develop a method to properly confront these hurdles and enable themselves to make better data-driven decisions.

3 Proactive Steps Financial Institutions Are Taking to Increase Security

Financial institutions have always been magnets for criminal activity. So perhaps it isn’t surprising that they have become one of the most high profile targets for cyber criminals. Cyber attacks on financial institutions are on the rise. Therefore, banks and credit unions of all sizes have committed significant resources to combating cyber attacks. However, this often amounts to simply plugging security gaps as they open up.
workplace stress

Some Useful Tips For Managing Your Job and Workplace Stress

Workplace stress is a normal part of modern day life. However, you don't have to allow it to overtake and ruin your life. Take control now by making use of these simple tips.

4 Ways to Navigate Fast, Uncontrollable Change in Your Industry

Change is going to happen, whether you like it or not. As a business leader, the best thing you can do is promote stability in the midst of uncontrollable change. The more calm, collected, and strategic you are, the better off the company and your employees will be. This is far easier said than done. Hopefully, however, some of the points in this article will give you something to build on.

How to Avoid Letting Personal Issues Sink Your Business

As much as the business world talks about work-life balance these days, you would assume that perfect harmony between your job and your personal life would be easy to achieve. Sometimes it works out that way, but often it doesn’t. If you’re dealing with particularly weighty personal issues, bringing these struggles with you to the office and projecting them onto your employees, projects, and leadership decisions can be costly. If you don’t get a grip on them, everything at work and home could unravel in a violent and unpredictable fashion.

These 7 Mobile Design Tips Will Boost Your Sales

As we near 2018, the “mobile first” mantra should seem like old news to savvy marketers. For the first time in history, mobile officially accounts for more than 50% of all web traffic. If your retail website isn’t already optimized for mobile traffic, or at least responsive to small-screen viewing, it’s time to get on the stick. Use these 7 mobile design tips to turn casual visitors into committed customers.

Top Mistakes That Get CEOs Fired

CEOs have constant oversight by three key stakeholders. These are customers, employees, and the board of directors, who represent investors. If any stakeholder group becomes sufficiently unhappy with a CEO’s performance, it’s likely that the company will remove him or her, often quite publicly. Here we discuss mistakes, regrets, and reborn careers—and what current (and aspiring) CEOs should avoid.

Top 10 Mistakes People Make When Starting a New Business

If you have recently launched your own business, congratulate yourself. Regardless of whether your venture succeeds or fails, you have achieved far more than the countless souls who dream of starting a new business but lack the courage to do so. You will undoubtedly experience obstacles, frustrations, disappointments and failures that no one could have possibly warned you about. However, the following top ten mistakes are ones that you should be able to avoid.

Can Tarot Cards Really Help Your Business Insights?

I know...I know. Tarot cards for your business sounds crazy. But Charmaine Frapp tells us that Tarot cards are insightful and can provide a wealth of information about the future. Here is an article that we hope will inspire and illuminate your mind...

The Most Important Parts of the Franchise Disclosure Document

With some idea as to what you’re getting into, you should be able to, at the very least, understand the broad strokes of what the Franchise Disclosure Document is attempting to convey.