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How to Keep Employees Connected in the Workplace

Keeping workers connected in the workplace improves communication, clarity, and culture. It makes workers happier and more productive and benefits the company immensely. To keep your employees connected, check out these key ideas.

Stay Connected During the Busy Christmas Season

The holiday season is rapidly approaching which can leave businesses trying to connect with one another during times of travel, family celebrations and other...

GlowCap: Internet Connected Pill Bottle Caps

Vitality makes a cap for prescription pill bottles called the GlowCap: The device is simple. When a patient is prescribed a medication, a physician or...

Burger King Franchisee Keeps Guests Connected With Public Internet Access

Hospitality Technology: Strategic Restaurants Acquisition Corp. Holdings, Inc., is now rolling out MegaPath’s Managed WiFi HotSpots in key locations to provide public Internet access to...

Tourico Holidays(R) Now Directly Connected To Choice Hotels

Franchising.com: A new direct connect between Tourico Holidays® and Choice Hotels allows for more than 6,000 Choice Hotels properties to be distributed through the global...

Best iPad Apps For Staying Connected

Whether you're using your iPad to run your business or chat with friends, there are a multitude of apps that can help you do...

Even If You’re Ill, You Can Still Stay Connected

The New York Times: If shopping is indeed a form of therapy, why does nobody seem to get better? Because of one innovation, one group...
Everything You Need to Know About Ethereum

Everything You Need to Know About Ethereum

The world of cryptocurrency is currently in an interesting period. This article is a guide to how Ethereum differs from other cryptocurrencies.
4 Aspects for Creating a Successful Virtual Event

4 Key Aspects of a Successful Virtual Event

Every virtual event starts with an idea. Here we discuss four points that will help you create a successful virtual event from your initial inspiration.
Problems with Data Infrastructure and How to Fix Them

Problems of Modern Data Infrastructure and How to Fix Them

Even a well-designed data infrastructure can exhibit some common problems, but those problems might just have a simple fix.
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5 Branding Trends Taking off in 2022

Branding isn’t just about nice-looking labels, words that rhyme, and mind-blowing ads. Rather, it's about your business's identity beyond its services and products. In short, branding is about creating something unique that audiences will connect with.
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Florida Solar: What Are the Advantages of Solar in 2022?

According to the SEIA, the cost of solar panels in Florida has plummeted by 5% in the last five years. So now is a better time than ever before to go solar with your home or business.
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Proven Strategies for Successful Project Management

If you are in a position of leadership for a project, you may be asking yourself, “What are some strategies I can implement to make success more likely?” We connected with a few business experts to gain their insights into project management.
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How Small Businesses Are Preparing to Cope with Rising Inflation

Since inflation is an unstoppable force, small businesses must learn how to navigate the issue when it arises. This is why we connected with a few small business experts to find out how they are preparing to cope with rising inflation.
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The Highs and Lows of Groundbreaking 5G Tech

The 5G rollout is underway and picking up speed. But it’s not plain sailing, as cutting-edge tech inevitably raises new challenges. Let’s take a look at recent developments and possible ways it could affect 5G stock prices. 
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Best Tools for Freelance and Gig Workers

Today, many people are saying goodbye to their nine-to-five jobs in favor of running freelance businesses or working as gig workers. Keep reading for a guide to the best tools freelancers and gig workers can use to keep up in today’s changing business world.
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Why You Need to Use a VPN in Your Business

If you’re not already using a VPN to protect your business, consider the following reasons why you should. Moreover, whatever your reason for using one of these services, it is important to choose a good one.
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How Virtual Dental Care Will Benefit Your Dental Practice

Did you know that virtual dental care can offer many benefits to your dental practice? For example, it can improve the efficiency and productivity in your office. In this article, we discuss its multiple benefits.
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The Do’s and Don’ts of Getting a Personal Loan

Whether you need money for business or personal concerns, getting a personal loan is one of the easiest ways to get the necessary funding.