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How to Earn More Credit Card Reward Points Online

Credit cards are no longer just plastic money that you whip out whenever you make a transaction. Apart from spending, credit cards can now help you save as well. How? Through reward points! Here’s a crash course in efficiently using your credit card reward points.
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What Are the Different Kinds of Credit Card Machines?

There are a number of different kinds of credit card machines that accept various payment types. The most basic credit card machines accept swipe cards, an older technology that is less secure. There are also chip cards and NFC machines. Which types are right for your business?
Choosing a Credit Card

Choosing a Credit Card: 6 Important Factors to Consider

Credit cards today allow consumers to have higher spending power than their income. For that reason, most business owners choose to have multiple credit cards. However, while it can be tempting to want to sign up for every card we are offered, it is important to consider some essential factors before opting for any specific credit card.
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How to Use a Company Credit Card Wisely

There are many advantages to using credit cards to finance your business. However, a credit card must be used wisely in order to be beneficial. Here are some tips to help your business use the company credit card wisely.
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4 Trends to Watch for in Credit Card Companies

For credit card companies, little stands in the way of success in online delivery and customer experience. In fact, four major trends are in the cards for the coming months. Some of them could significantly and positively benefit consumers, but others are less promising.
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How to Find the Best Business Credit Card for Your Company

As much as you might like to keep your business debt-free, there may come a time when you'll need to rely on a business credit card. For example, maybe you need to get your company out of a cash-flow jam or handle an unexpected expense. If and when that happens, keep your wits about you. Do your research. Rest assured that in this way, you will be able to find the best business credit card for your company.

How to Get a Credit Card in Finland to Finance Your Business Ventures

Acquiring a credit card in Finland is an excellent way to finance your Finnish business venture. With it, you be able to acquire what you need up front. Additionally, with the right card you could potentially rack up tons of miles and rewards for the purchases you make. So, how do you go about getting a credit card in Finland?

Credit Cards: Reliable Reviews for Your Small Business

Credit cards get a polarized reaction from many small business owners. They either view credit cards as a great opportunity or a trap. It’s true that there are certain pitfalls. However, there are benefits to financing a business with a credit card if you pay careful attention and invest wisely. Here is a list of top-rated credit cards.

The Many Benefits of Having a Business Credit Card

As a small business owner, you probably receive applications and offers for business credit cards on a regular basis. But you may have wondered whether getting one is the right solution for your business and how they differ from other forms of credit. However, business credit cards are the most popular source of funding in the US. Credit cards provide your business with a short-term solution to your financing needs. When used correctly, they can also increase your purchasing power by improving your credit rating. Use them incorrectly and they can have a detrimental effect on your business’s finances, which is why they need to be carefully managed. Below you’ll find some helpful advice about business credit cards and how they can benefit you:

Accepting Credit Cards Is Beneficial to Your Business

Accepting Credit Cards Is Beneficial to Your Business         When it comes to adopting “new” technology, businesses are often wary of investing their money into...

Understanding Business Credit Cards

Running a small business requires hard work and true dedication. Beyond having the right attitude however, you must also understand some of the fundamental...

PayPal Introduces Credit Card Swiping iPhone Device

Do you have a small business that sometimes needs to take credit cards, but not quite enough to make it worthwhile to go through...
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Wireless Credit Card Processing: Taking Care of Business

In this technology age, savvy business owners need to take advantage of every possible resource, including wireless credit card processing.

Credit Card Tipping Invention

NYU Washington Square News: Tipping is now possible with the swipe of a credit card, thanks to a new machine called DipJar, which resembles a...

The Unforgetable Credit Card

Coin is a swipe-able connected device that looks just like a credit card, and contains all your credit, debit, gift, loyalty and membership cards...

Penn Station, Inc. And Its Franchisees Alert Customers Of Credit Card Security Issues

MarketWatch: Penn Station, Inc. and some of its franchisees have announced that they have learned of unauthorized access to credit and debit card information in...

Why Your Business Needs to Accept Credit Card Payments

The world of mobile credit card processing has changed dramatically in the past 18 months. The widespread popularity of smartphones is helping to push...

Domino’s Pizza India Now Accepts Credit Card For Delivery!

India PRwire: Domino's Pizza, a leading food brand and a market leader in the pizza home-delivery segment in India, is trialing credit card payments over...

Fighting Credit Card Processing Fees Just Got Easier

QSR Magazine Online: Credit card processing fees have always been a necessary evil for quick-serve operators, especially in an age when plastic money is increasingly...

Salvation Army’s Kettles Now Take Credit Cards

According to trendspotter Springwise, the Salvation Army has been experimenting with new cashless kettles featuring an attached credit card reader that accepts credit and...