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Leveraging Big Data to Make Better Business Decisions

Businesses of all sizes are now leveraging big data across a multitude of business processes in order to better guide and manage their companies. Read on to learn how you, too, can make better business decisions by exploiting big data.
vape shop

Is Starting a Vape Shop a Good Business Decision in 2020?

There are great potential profits in the vaping industry, despite its recent regulatory difficulties in the US. In fact, there’s still plenty of room for new companies to jump in and participate. Moreover, starting a vape shop is something almost any entrepreneur can do.
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Making a Decision About What Business to Start

Nobody decides to start a business because they think it will fail. However, the statistics show that more than half of small businesses go under before they reach their fifth year. Therefore, it’s important to consider all the angles when you're making a decision to start a business.

Real Estate in Abu Dhabi: How to Make Educated Investment Decisions

The prospects for investing in real estate in Abu Dhabi are bright, so learn how to invest now while the market still has room to grow. If you invest now, you will reap the maximum benefits.

How To Make Decisions Like Benjamin Franklin

Franklin's decision-making technique works for anything: which franchise to buy, what business to start, or what to have for dinner.

Couple Declare That Franchising Was “One Of The Best Business Decisions Of Our Lives”...

The Franchise Magazine: Laurence and Ruth Fitch have stated that launching their Auditel franchise was "one of the best business decisions of our lives". The...

Facing Tough Decisions Before Selling A Business

Selling a business is not like selling a car. It is an ongoing process that can take a few years to complete. ...

Franchising Could Be Your Best Decision Yet

Franchising.net.au: Franchising is a strong sector in its own right, but segues into the SME journey because each franchisee is in charge of their own...

How Colors Affect Purchase Decisions

A visually stimulating chart compiled by Kissmetrics outlines how our purchasing decisions are influenced through color, among other factors. Via: PSFK

Got A Decision To Make? Get Some Sugar In Your System

Researchers at the University of South Dakota asked 65 students to answer a series of questions in which they had to choose between getting...

Break-Even Analysis Is Key To Biz Decisions

SmartBrief: Learn the benefits of break-even analysis as a tool to making business decisions as CIT Small Business Lending's Chris Reilly explains how to calculate...

Elements Of A Good Decision

photo credit: Nano Taboada When in business we all have many many decisions to make throughout our days, and we all wonder on just...

The Franchise Decision

Wall Street Journal: If you’re a middle manager who suddenly gets laid off, what do you do? Franchisers contend that franchises are a natural alternative. They...

Why Christmas Is Ideal For Making Your Franchise Investment Decision

The Franchise Magazine: Many franchisors report that over the Festive Season enquiries from potential franchisees reduce, with their thoughts turning to matters such as their...
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Why Agents Choose Dorrmat for Seller Lead Generation

Dorrmat is a market leader when it comes to providing high-quality real estate leads to its registered agents. In this post we cover the benefits offered by the Dorrmat platform.
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Importance of Data Visualization Tools for Businesses

Data visualization is a key element of data analysis. It is the graphical representation of data through visual elements. For businesses, data visualization can be a helpful tool to drive growth. Read on and discover how it can help you understand trends and patterns in data.
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The Pros and Cons of Online Trading

Always remember that there is risk associated with trading. In this post, we discuss some of the benefits and drawbacks of online trading.

Adam Ferrari Shares How to Keep Your Business Growing During Adverse Conditions

In the best of conditions growing a business can still be challenging. It requires hard work, skill, and even a bit of luck. Here are four ways to keep your business growing, even in adversity.

Technology Management: Bring Order to Chaos

Anytime you have dozens of moving parts, people, and processes all functioning under the same “roof,” there’s going to be some level of chaos. However, the right approach you can reduce chaos and restore order to your business operations with the correct technology management.

5 Important Questions You Should Be Asking About Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has been a hot topic among tech communities, investors, and financial institutions for its innovation and potentially life-changing insights and applications. Here are five questions you should be asking before investing your money.