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Household Investments That Make Working at Home Easier

The modern world can be an expensive place. But take a look at the list of household items here. You're sure to discover some household products you should purchase, because they will help you save money in the future.
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8 Ways to Improve Office Air Quality for Better Employee Health

You spend the better part of your day in the office, and so do your employees. With better air quality in your office, your employees will be more productive. Employees will also have fewer sick leaves if you ensure they are inhaling fresh air. Better air quality in your office will lead to better results in your bottom line.

Grower Finds Tasty Niche

Jimmy Berke checks on trays of bright red tomatoes drying in a specially equipped 90-degree solar room that includes dehumidifiers and fans, reports The...

Inventor Converts Air Into Fresh Water

KSAT.com: The heart of his invention is Sears Kenmore 70-pint dehumidifier. Condensed water is further purified and sterilized with filters and ultraviolet light. It takes about three...

Inventor Lives/Promotes Low Power Lifestyle

The Mainichi: A refrigerator made of highly conductive metal, surrounded with water and insulated can keep a temperature of seven to eight degrees Celsius even...

A WAVE Of Better Solutions For Your Home

What if you could improve many areas within your home? Would you want increased water efficiency in appliances, like your washer? How...