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Directed To Sell

AltoonaMirror.com: Vickie Pike was frustrated. She had been laid off from two different jobs in a little more than a year. When a friend who was...
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Technological Innovations Streamline Healthcare Management

As technology evolves, it plays a significant role in the medical industry. Basically, it allows doctors and patients to stay connected, streamlining healthcare management and creating a higher level of safety for many.
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Should You Invest in a Bitcoin IRA? Daniel Calugar Breaks It Down

One of the most common ways to save for retirement is through an Individual Retirement Account or IRA. Today, you can purchase Bitcoin IRA funds that allow you to invest in cryptocurrency for your retirement.
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Mentoring Program Helps New Insurance Agents

Thanks to its New Agent Hub, the insurance mentoring program Family First Life Entourage will be able to mentor more life insurance agents than ever.
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Protecting Your Business from the Threat of Malware

Don't leave yourself vulnerable to malicious attacks. Instead, find answers to some of the most common questions about ransomware here. Learn how you can keep your business safe from malware.
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Future Business Opportunities in Space

Space exploration and investment are at a peak not seen since the Cold War. And thanks to the efforts of private companies, there have never been so many investment prospects on offer. We look at some of the best business opportunities in the space industry.
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Making the Most of a Limited PPC Budget

In this post, we take a look at PPC budgeting. Specifically, we discuss how to get the most marketing value possible from a limited PPC budget.
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Netiquette: How to Master Online Business Communication

In unprecedented times like these, where both international and small businesses are mainly communicating remotely, there is a whole new set of rules by which you need to abide when it comes to business communication.
good communication skills

Good Communication Skills: Why and How

While good communication skills are important throughout the business world, they are especially important among managers. In this post we explore what it takes to develop good communication skills and business owners and managers need them.
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Successful Employee Training Requires Clear Communication

The purpose of employee training and development is to facilitate company processes and, ultimately, increase ROI for time spent and resources invested. However, when employees don’t feel vested in their own training this purpose is rarely achieved. What is the solution? In this post we offer some suggestions.
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Vinod Gupta: Lifelong Philanthropist

Businessman and investor Vinod Gupta lives by a seemingly simple philosophy: learn, earn, and return. This philosophy has enabled him to donate more than $50 million toward various philanthropic endeavors.
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Ecommerce Security: 10 Tips for Your Online Store

Ecommerce has changed the way consumers shop. No longer does the traditional brick-and-mortar store reign supreme. Instead, online stores, by offering shopping convenience all day and all night every single day of the year, lure customers to their sites from all over the world. And as ecommerce sales continue to swell, the necessity of better ecommerce security grows more urgent.
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Factors That Affect Workplace Performance

If you want to maximize your human resources, you must understand what factors influence individual workplace performance. Here’s a rundown of some of the most potent elements.
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Affiliate Marketing and Online Casinos

What do casinos rely on if their government doesn’t allow digital marketing? Affiliate marketers, that’s who. Read the article here to find out more.
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6 Expert Tips for Scaling Your Small Business

For many entrepreneurs, reaching a stalemate at which they’re too busy with current business practices to expand and grow is a sure sign that it’s time for scaling the business. Try these six expert tips if it's time for you to scale your business.
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Analytics Platforms for Mobile App Attribution

In this article, we compare AppsFlyer and Branch, two of the most popular mobile app attribution platforms, to help you determine the right solution for your business.
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Master Data: Why It’s Important to Your Business

Master data can be any kind of data that's of chief importance to your business. In this article, we discuss the critical nature of master data to your company.
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3 Flourishing Sales Funnel Examples You Can Learn From

A sales funnel is a series of steps that guide your website visitors toward a buying decision. Learn from the examples here, then customize your funnel for a sales strategy that brings you more conversions.

Emotional Intelligence: Develop Yours and Use It to Win Negotiations

A critical element in successful negotiations is emotional intelligence. But what is emotional intelligence and how can we use this key skill to ensure successful negotiations?

LeadsGate: Your Best Option for Loan Affiliate Programs

Thanks to advancements in technology, the world gives you multiple ways to make cash. As a matter of fact, there are probably more avenues than you might imagine. For example, one in particular is the payday loan program called LeadsGate, where you can earn up to $230 per lead.