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Why E-mail Matters

As a form of communication, e-mail is one of the most prominent and efficient methods of communication and when it comes to businesses, it...

Multitaskers Paying A Mental Price

When one of the most important e-mail messages of his life landed in his in-box a few years ago, Kord Campbell overlooked it., reports...

Women Spend More Time Online

The New York Times reports that although women are still slightly in the minority among global Web users, they are closing ground with men...

That Hobby Looks Like A Lot Of Work

QUIT your day job? To some craft enthusiasts that is just the name of a popular blog on Etsy, the fast-growing Web site that serves...

Turning Your Customers Into Fanatic Fans

Rieva Lesonsky at The Small Business Blog has an interesting look at how to turn customers into fanatic fans. Every team needs fans. And every...

Work At Home And Make Big Money?

The New York Times: Most of us think we’re far too savvy to be taken in by some advertisement promoting a work-at-home opportunity that promises...

Small Bizs Taking Steps Toward Online Networking

The New York Times: By choice or necessity, successful small-business owners are earnest networkers, gladly shaking hands, handing out cards and attending local meetings to...
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Why Your Startup Business Needs Business-Grade Internet

Why does your startup business need business-grade internet when you can just as easily do everything you need online over regular broadband? By the time you finish reading this post, you’ll have the answer to that question.
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Call Center Software Will Help Your Business: Here’s How

The era of the phone-only call center is gone. Today's call centers can provide a variety of services for their customers. However, the future promises even more development in this industry. Here is a brief overview of the basics of call center software.

Live Mail to Outlook: How to Make the Switch

Email is an essential communication tool for any business. It's an efficient way to connect with your target audience on a personal level. Find out the best way to switch your emails over to Outlook Express while also protecting your saved data.
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7 Benefits of Providing Live Chat for Customer Service

Live chat services provide customers with a convenient way to get their needs addressed, which makes them more likely to be satisfied with your company. Adding live chat services to your customer service efforts is a win for both you and your customers.

Rideshare Drivers Share Information in Online Networks

Ever since the advent of Uber and Lyft, rideshare drivers have been complaining about employment issues. This was partially due to marketing by Uber and Lyft that exaggerated the incomes drivers could expect to make. Add to this the facts that drivers are self-employed and that calculations for drivers' expenses were complex and difficult to understand, and you have some pretty disgruntled drivers. On the other hand, when rideshare drivers find a way to share a few driving tips and share stories from everyday experience, you have a great algorithm for creating a helpful information network. This is exactly what happened when hundreds of blogs, vlogs, forums, and groups started to appear online and created a dialogue among themselves that's also open to the public.

What You Should Be Looking for in a Spy App

In a perfect world, no one would even consider using a spy app. Ideally, everyone would behave themselves online and on social media. If that were the case, people wouldn't feel the need to watch other people's behavior. But if anything, the Internet and social media have made it easier for people to indulge in sneaky, inappropriate behavior. As a result, spy apps come in handy in those situations. That's because they provide a way for people to monitor the online activities of others that they might not trust for some reason.

Meet Renzo Aida: Fred Astaire Dance Studio Franchise

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Renzo Aida, owner of Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Dedham, MA.

Concierge Medicine is the Future

Business Week: An anxious woman in her mid-40s showed up last winter at Atlas MD, a family doctor’s office...

How to Make Money From Distracted Driving

Driving while texting is a growing menace. As the incidents of texting-related fender benders and worse mount, 19 states have outlawed the practice. But...

10 Effortless Ways to Get More Small Biz Press

The following is a guest post from Nate Gilmore of Shipwire. Tell Your Story Don’t hide how you created your product, where the idea came from...

App Connects Singles Spontaneously

Singles are always on the look out for a way to connect with fellow singles, and one app entrepreneur has given them something a...

Type While Walking: Never Take Your Eyes Off Your iPhone

From the "I can't part with my phone even for an instant" department comes an app that promises to let you keep your eyes...


Website Magazine takes a look at one of the most creative uses of Twitter we’ve seen yet, and how it landed 300,000 visitors onto...