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6 Benefits of a Learning Management System for Businesses

6 Benefits of a Learning Management System for Businesses

Especially if your business serves niche technologies such as healthcare or finance, you must ensure that your employees always have the latest information. The best way to keep your staff up-to-date is by using a learning management system or LMS.
Authoring Tools

Most Common Myths About E-Learning Authoring Tools

E-learning is becoming a popular way for teachers and businesses to train their workforce. Here are the most common myths about eLearning authoring tools.

5 Advantages of Using a Learning Management System

No matter the organization or the industry, there is always room for growth and learning. More businesses are implementing a learning management system into their environment, helping employees develop essential skills for the job.
gaming industry

Earning Money in the Gaming Industry

Every day, talented gamers became content creators or professional players in the gaming industry. If you already love to play games, why not share your talents and skills with the world? Maybe you could even compete against the best of the best. However, is this a financially viable career path? Let's take a look.
project-based learning - featured image

4 Benefits of Using Project-Based Learning in Business Studies

As more small- and medium-sized enterprises continue to boom worldwide, learning institutions are incorporating project-based learning to match this wave. In this article, we discuss the core benefits of using project-based learning in business schools.
e-learning lessons

How to Create Engaging E-Learning Lessons

Since competition in the online learning industry is fierce, here are some top-of-the-shelf tips to keep your e-learning lessons engaging so you can attract more students and keep the ones you have.
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Marketing Your eLearning Course Is Easier During Lockdown

Have you been shying away from the idea of creating an eLearning course because you're wary of marketing challenges? Well, here are four reasons why marketing your eLearning course is easier than ever during lockdown.
e-learning - featured image

E-Learning Simulations: Are Yours Engaging Enough?

E-learning simulations must give online learners the ability to overcome real-world challenges and hone their skill sets. To this end, here are four important tips for improving your e-learning simulations to make them more engaging and ultimately more useful for your students.
start freelancing

3 Areas to Start Freelancing on the Right Foot: Communication, Invoicing and Learning

With freelance platforms growing and more companies looking for that outsourced creative, it’s now crystal clear we’re living in an increasingly gig-based economy.
residual income

Residual Income: Some Ideas for Earning Extra Money on the Side

Many people would like to get some residual income started, but they don’t know where to start. Moreover, different people will require different methods. For example, you might be able to use some of your talents to get something started. Consider the suggestions here to get some ideas.
big data

Big Data: 6 Ways Learning to Use It Will Help Your Business

Big data, skillfully analyzed, can provide us with productive, useful insights that help us in countless ways. Some even believe that big data used this way is a game-changer. That's because it helps us to understand our market better. Moreover, it allows us to develop strategies for matching our competitors’ strengths, and more. Above all, analyzing and using big data properly helps us to become more effective business owners.

The Secrets to Earning Money from Silver: 5 Useful Tips

Commodity trading can be immensely profitable, especially when it comes to precious metals like gold and silver. These two precious metals have been linked to currency for most of human history. While they have industrial uses (especially silver), their prices often have more to do with speculation, fear trading, and inflation. There are a few key factors that will determine whether you can turn investing in silver into a profitable endeavor: when you buy this precious metal, when you sell it, and where you sell it.
new language

How I Started Learning a New Language in Only a Few Weeks with OptiLingo

I’m a serious Francophile, especially when it comes to French movies. Cheese, baguettes, wine? Those are all icing on the cake! Recently I convinced some friends of mine to commit to a trip to France. I was planning to take some time away from my business. And I found some great prices for plane tickets that depart in two months. However, I don’t speak French. Therefore, I wanted to learn how to speak a new language fast.
online learning

Online Learning: A Review of Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Education is a fundamental part of the growth and development of every human being. What's more, while this is a cliché, it's no less true: Knowledge is power. And these days, you can acquire a good education by taking advantage of online learning. No longer must you attend lectures in person. For example, with online learning you can easily educate yourself about just about any topic you might desire. You might want to learn more about marketing your business, for instance. You can do that with online learning. Here, we review some of the advantages and disadvantages of online learning.
mobile entrepreneur

Road Trip! Learning to Enjoy Your Life as a Mobile Entrepreneur

Are you a mobile entrepreneur? In other words, does the business you own require you to spend a lot of time in your car? Perhaps you spend your days zipping around town, providing service to clients or attending one meeting after another. Or maybe you're a traveling photographer or journalist, or you have a mobile retail store. Regardless of the nature of your mobile business, we thought you might appreciate the following tips we've picked up from other mobile entrepreneurs.

Getting Results: Why Online Learning Works Across Multiple Industries

Many people think that education ends as soon as they've graduated from school. However, nothing could be further from the truth. If you want to stay ahead of the curve in our mercilessly competitive world, you need to continuously seek new knowledge and refine your craft. As it so happens, modern technology offers plenty of opportunities for expanding your horizons. That's one of the many reasons why online learning has become so popular. Read on for more.

Learning the Advanced Features of Your Premium Trading Platform

Learning all the ins and outs of advanced trading tools is not an easy task. However, begin with demo trades until you have a better feel for the market and learn to use the tools available to you. Then, focus on developing your trading skills and mastering the advanced trading tools in your premium trading platform. Before long, you'll realize that you have become a true trading professional.

Keep Your Workforce Sharp and on the Ball with E-Learning

Whether you’re a small start-up or an experienced business with multiple departments and hundreds of employees, training your workforce isn’t a simple task. Keeping your workforce fully trained and educated in all aspects of their job and industry can often be a time-consuming and costly affair. But with E-learning, it doesn't have to be.

Marketing for Non-Marketers: Get Good at It by Learning to Love It

Many of us don’t see ourselves as marketers, but it is something we have to do, and we have to be good marketers to grow our businesses. So let's learn how to enjoy it!

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