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Using YouTube

6 Effective Strategies to Promote Your Business Using YouTube

YouTube is the most popular video hosting service. Like other social media channels, it enables users to interact, create, and share video content worldwide. Using YouTube can be a valuable marketing tool to promote your businesses if used correctly.
market demographic - featured image

5 Reasons Nailing Your Market Demographic Is Key

When you’re starting your first small business as an entrepreneur, one crucial aspect of success is identifying the market demographic for your niche. And the more specific you can be, the better.
sportsbook - featured image

Software Allows You to Run a Sportsbook Business from Home

Because of saturation and fierce competition in other online business verticals, running a sportsbook online might be the best home business for you. Not sure? Read on to find out more.
difficult customers - featured image

How Can You Deal with Difficult Customers?

If you own a small business you probably have several difficult people in your customer base right now. Here we delve into a brief review of several types of difficult customers. Which do you recognize? And how can you deal with such people?
Direct Mail Strategy

5 Reasons to Use a Direct Mail Strategy

Direct mail is valuable to use in your marketing strategy. It can grow deeper connections with your customers and benefit your business overall. Learn five reasons to utilize a direct mail strategy.
stress and anxiety

6 Ways to Fight Entrepreneurial Stress and Anxiety

Being an entrepreneur has its perks. But let's not forget about the other side of the coin. Here are a few ideas to help you deal with the stress and anxiety that come with being an entrepreneur.
your networking - featured image

How to Improve Your Networking Approach

Millions of people use networking as a way to get closer to achieving their goals. But without the right tactics to master that strategy, networking can become ineffective.
instagram - featured image

8 Powerful Ways to Use Instagram for Your Business

Whether yours is a new business or an older one, you're wise to try broadening your social media portfolio. In particular, there are many simple yet powerful ways to use Instagram for your business.
Smart hacks for Google Shopping - featured image

5 Hacks for Selling with Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a great way to increase your brand’s visibility and catch customers at different stages of their purchase journey. In this article, we take a look at five hacks for getting the most out of Google Shopping. Let’s dive in.
online trading

Online Trading: Are You Ready to Succeed? Follow These 10 Rules

There has been a big surge of online trading in the past few years. However, most beginners still struggle to gain a foothold. To be successful in online trading, you need to understand an important set of "rules" that you will guide you toward success. Following these rules consistently will significantly improve your odds of making it in this field.

How To Run a Foolproof Innovation Pilot: Some Words to the Wise

Any innovation life cycle starts with identifying a bold, new idea. But how can you bring that idea to life? When it comes to innovation implementation, you can exponentially improve your odds of success by running an innovation pilot.

Why Using a Ready-Made e-Commerce Site Is Better Than Building Your Own

We offer here 4 compelling reasons why using a ready-made e-commerce site is better than building your own. Yes, when you go with a custom configuration you will have a site that's built specifically for your needs. But in all frankness, the site you need probably already exists.

Where to Begin with SEO: A Master SEO Checklist

Figuring out where to begin with search engine optimization, otherwise known as SEO, can be overwhelming, especially for beginners. If you don’t fully grasp the way search engine optimization works, just understand that your SEO efforts are of vital importance to your business. That’s because nearly 93% of online experiences start with a search engine query. To get started right, use the master SEO checklist included here.

5 Tips on Small Business Office Security

Cyber-security is important for small businesses, but so is physical security, as small brick-and-mortar businesses remain a target for local crime. Here are a few tips about the physical security of your office to help you make your decisions about this important topic.

5 Ideas for Funding Your Startup

Raising money is the toughest hurdle any entrepreneur has to face. As soon as you mention the words “money” and “startup” in the same sentence, doors slam in your face and acquaintances dash across the street to avoid having to say hello to you. If you find yourself stalling when you think about raising money for your startup, consider the suggestions here.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Christmas Advertising

The Christmas season is upon us, and with it the surge of holiday-related marketing. Surely, in the next several weeks the odds of turning...

How to Increase Your Retail Profits

There is arguably no more competitive industry than brick and mortar retail. Facing an increasingly mobile society and a direct challenge from online retailers,...

Managing Risk Is What Entrepreneurs Do Best

When you seek money from an investor, one of the first questions they will ask is, “How much of your own money, and friends...

Large Areas Of North America “Covered” By Fast Wrap Franchises

PRLog: One of the biggest surprises in a struggling business economy has been the tremendous growth rate seen from a Reno, Nevada-based mobile shrink wrapping...