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team collaboration

Encourage Team Collaboration in Your Business: Why and How

What makes team collaboration so important? Why should you encourage your staff to work together and make unified decisions? Here are a few benefits you can expect when promoting collaboration in your office.

8 Ways a Tablet Can Encourage Your Child to Read

What with so much contradictory information concerning the effects of tablets and electronic devices on children, parents often find themselves between the devil and...

Vector Marketing Encourages Companies to Partner With Universities

Marketwire: With the economic downturn showing just meager signs of improvement, those in charge of corporate hiring are under increasing pressure to recruit people who...

How To Encourage Innovation

The Washington Post recently asked people what they thought would help encourage more people in the US to create inventions. Here is what...

The British Franchise Association Encourages Ethical Franchising In Europe

Franchising.net.au: Directors and representatives from franchise associations across Europe gathered in Prague last month to consider Britain's developments in ethical rules for franchising and how...

The Entrepreneur’s Source Encourages Individuals To Be Confident In Business Ownership

Franchising.com: According to articles posted on business sites discussing job trends of the future, tomorrow's employers will put a premium on skilled and semi-skilled workers,...

Entrepreneurs Encouraged To Internationalise

Times of Malta: Local entrepreneurs are being encouraged to explore the opportunities linked to the internationalisation of business, Finance Minister Tonio Fenech said this afternoon. Closing...

McAlister’s Deli Partners With SecureConnect(R) To Encourage PCI Compliance Among Franchise Community

Franchising.com: Until recently, many brands have seen PCI compliance as just a buzzword. However, with the influx of security breaches within the restaurant and hospitality...

Corner Bakery Cafe Encourages Guests To Rekindle The Lost Art Of Conversation And “Connect...

Franchising.com: In a world of texting, instant messaging and emailing, Corner Bakery Café today introduced "Connect at the Corner," a neighborhood initiative and Facebook application...

Toy Inventor Encourages Creativity

Tim Kehoe believes that there isn't always one right answer when making something new, reports the Redwood Gazette. Kehoe, an author and inventor, has been...

Fans Encouraged To Dress-Up Like Billy Mays For Halloween

Billy Mays III admits it sounds a bit odd; a guy who unexpectedly lost his dad just four months ago starting an online contest...

QShoppe Launched To Encourage Entrepreneurship In Midst Of Economic Downturn

PR Web: QuestNet, one of the pioneers in the online international direct sales industry, launched its first QShoppe showcase in Jubilee Centre, Wanchai today. With an...
Everything You Need to Know About Ethereum

Everything You Need to Know About Ethereum

The world of cryptocurrency is currently in an interesting period. This article is a guide to how Ethereum differs from other cryptocurrencies.
employee retention - featured image

Employee Retention: Why You Should Care and How to Improve It

Employee retention is more important than you might think. The inability to retain employees can spell disaster for your business. What’s more, the chances of your top talent choosing to leave or being pooched right out of your business are higher than ever before.
responsible beverage service training

Responsible Beverage Service Training and Your Business

The Responsible Beverage Server Training Act is the law that is making responsible beverage service training a requirement for alcohol servers and managers in California. As your business prepares for this new mandate, learn more about what will help you streamline your efforts to get RBS-certified.
digital - featured image

Top Tips for a Thriving Business in the Digital Era

There are a number of simple steps business owners and managers can take to make digital transformation a little easier to digest. In this post we take a look at some of the top ways businesses can thrive in the digital era.
anonymous complaints - featured image

How to Properly Respond to Anonymous Complaints

Picture this: You walk into the office on a typical weekday morning. You sit down at your desk and discover you have received a complaint about one of your employees from an anonymous source. Here are a few tips to help you properly respond to anonymous complaints.
business paper - featured image

How to Write a Business Paper: A Handy Guide

Writing a business paper can be a concern for students who are writing this type of paper for the first time. There is a strict format you need to follow. In this article, we look at how to write an amazing business paper. Here are six steps for you to follow as a guide.
inflation - featured image

How Small Businesses Are Preparing to Cope with Rising Inflation

Since inflation is an unstoppable force, small businesses must learn how to navigate the issue when it arises. This is why we connected with a few small business experts to find out how they are preparing to cope with rising inflation.
customer relationships - featured image

How a VA Will Help You Manage Customer Relationships

Overseeing a team, constantly searching for new clients, and managing customer relationships can be overwhelming. So hire a virtual assistant to help you. It could be the best decision for the future of your business.