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Best Packaging Choice for Original Equipment Manufacturers

Choosing a packaging choice for your business's product can be overwhelming at first. You've likely carefully considered how to get your equipment to the end user as quickly as possible. However, find out which packaging option is the best for your specific products.
Leasing Benefits

5 Equipment Leasing Benefits for Your Business

Lack of finance is one of the main reasons businesses fail. Learn how equipment leasing benefits your business financially to improve overall productivity.
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Guide to Basic AV Equipment for a Business Conference

Planning and organizing a business conference can be challenging, considering all the various elements you need to plan for. Among those considerations is the AV equipment you will need. Here’s a guide to help.
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Office Equipment Every Startup Needs

Before you get busy marketing your business and making money, you need to make sure you have the right equipment to support you and your staff in making your business successful.
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An Employer’s Guide to UK Personal Protective Equipment Regulation

The UK has an impressive range of laws and regulations to keep workers safe. This includes regulations regarding the use of personal protective equipment.
financing commercial equipment

3 Tips for Saving Money When Financing Commercial Equipment

When you own a startup business, or when you are growing an existing business, equipment purchases can wreak havoc on your cash flow. Purchasing commercial equipment outright can quickly take away all your cash reserves. Therefore, before you max out those credit cards, you should consider financing your commercial equipment.

Equipped to Operate: Does Your Business Have the Equipment It Needs?

You might dread spending the money initially. However, new equipment can save your business money. Items under warranty will take the worry out of maintenance and repair, for example. What's more, newer, more powerful equipment can make jobs easier to complete, with better results. Finally, something brand new might be safer to operate than the old or faulty equipment you have now. Longevity, productivity, and safety are within reach when you update your equipment this year.

3 Ways to Protect Equipment and Products of Your Home-Based Business 

Your home-based business is part of a massive piece of the US economy, more than you might realize. Whether you work from home as a freelancer, a seller on Amazon, a caterer, an online retailer or any one of a number of other careers, you're one of 38 million home-based businesses in the US alone. Not all of these are small-time businesses, either, as 20% of home-based businesses make $100K-$500K per year. With this type of money going through home businesses, it’s important to keep one thought in mind: Is everything safe? You might not have thought of securing your home-based business the way you would a business in a formal office or another building, but you should. Here are some valuable ways that you can keep your business protected at home.

Equipment You Need to Help Your Hospitality Business Succeed

Opening a hospitality business involves plenty of perspiration. With the right tools, though, you'll be able to lessen the load on you and your staff by creating a more efficient business. Therefore, choosing the right type of hardware and appliances can make all the difference.

Why Small Businesses Need to Test Their Electronic Equipment

Do small businesses need to test electronic equipment? The answer is yes. As a business owner, if your employees use electronic appliance and electrical equipment, testing is just one small part of your responsibility to provide a safe working environment. Always use a professional, remember to re-test regularly, and ensure that any faulty equipment is correctly disposed of or repaired. If you're not really sure what form of testing your business needs, how often you should be testing, or where to start with the process, then not to worry. Read on to find out why electrical testing is essential for small businesses.

Should Your Business Buy or Lease Needed Equipment?

There’s always a buzz around installing a new piece of equipment at work. Whether it is a $100 coffee maker in the break room or a $100,000 assembly machine on the factory floor, people get excited. And while both should hopefully make a positive difference, it is only the larger piece that can decipher whether your business succeeds or fails.

Electrical Equipment for Small Businesses

Electricity is the lifeblood of any modern business. Without a solid power supply, you can say goodbye to the lights, heating, computers and telephones...

Marine Survey Equipment For Science and Industry

Using marine surveying equipment can be a boon for business and industry due simply tot he fact that this equipment can change the way...

Maintaining Electrical Equipment

All electrical equipment depreciates over time, no matter how often it is used or what its function is, although these factors will have an...

BizOpp: Party Equipment Rental

BusinessDay: Renting party equipment has become big business, particularly in many big cities. And the business is lucrative too. Canopies, chairs, tables, stage platform, ice...

Deals On Indoor And Outdoor Equipment

RedOrbit: Family man Richard Schulte has donned the hat of Web entrepreneur to unveil http://www.DayGloEnter.com, a family-friendly Internet storefront that offers deals on indoor and...

Traxx And GoGetta Make Equipment Funding Available

Franchising.net.au: Traxx Construction Products and GoGetta have joined forces to offer small business owners in the construction sector funding for equipment worth up to $400,000. Traxx...

Firehouse Franchisee Donates Equipment To Upstate Fire Departments

Spartanburg Herald Journal: A local businessman came to the aid of three Upstate fire departments on Monday. Firehouse Subs franchisee Omar Ghorbani, in partnership with the...

Firehouse Subs Donating $10k In Training Equipment To Blue Ash FD

FOX19: Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation is awarding much needed equipment to the Blue Ash Fire Department during a ceremony at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday,...

Buying Back Franchisees’ Equipment: An Obligation Or A Right?

International Law Office: Facts A franchisee opposed an order that had been issued by the Court of Como, requiring it to indemnify its franchisor for damages...