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5 Hacks for Launching an Events Management Startup

If you’re a good communicator and have the knack for making sure people have a good time, events management could be your calling. With the right equipment, staff and savvy, you could soon be earning a decent living. What's more, you would be doing so by pulling together product launches and sumptuous soirées for exciting clients. But your new career requires research. Here are 5 hacks for launching an events management startup.

Weddings With A View

Springwise: Marriage in the Sky is hosted on a platform, where 20 guests are strapped into aircraft-like seats and suspended at a height of 50...

McDonald’s To Host “McWeddings” In Hong Kong

Hindustan Times: Fast food giant McDonald's Corp is finding a new role for itself in Hong Kong -- as a wedding planner. McDonald's, whose Golden...
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Do Londoners Want to Go Back to the Office?

Official guidance for Londoners on working from home has come to an end. But are Londoners ready to go back to the office? And do they want to?

How To Market Your Photography Business

Learn simple and easy ways to market your photography business to the right audience so you can start shooting more sessions! These...
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College Students: How to Launch Your First Company

Your college years can be a great time to explore business opportunities. Starting your own company, you get hands-on experience and apply your knowledge in practice. Here are some tips and ideas for college students and other future entrepreneurs.

Over 40 of the Best Small Business Ideas For Men

Here's a list of over 40 small business ideas for men. Most of these business ideas have little start-up costs and low...
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How to Throw a Coachella-Worthy Festival

If you’re ready to jump in and learn about how you can make a big impact with your festival, keep reading. We can’t guarantee Coachella levels of success off the bat, but we promise these tips will lead to a great event.
food truck

Food Truck Tips: Get Noticed in a Sea of City Noise

To get your food truck noticed in a noisy city, you have to understand the industry. Today we take a look at seven different strategies for making your food truck stand out from the crowd.
small scale business

Looking for a Small Scale Business Opportunity?

Today many people want to support themselves by doing something they love. Are you one of those people? In this post, we suggest a few ideas for starting a small scale business with only a small investment.

Highly Engaging Business Opportunities in the Event Industry

The event industry provides lots of opportunities for entrepreneurs who are looking to start a business quickly. It requires little time and effort to learn and understand the business. Moreover, the capital required to start this kind of business is minimal. The most important qualities to succeed in the event industry are organizing skills, attention to detail, the ability to acquire clients, and the capacity to handle stress. Let’s take a look at some of the opportunities in the event industry.

These 6 Business Ideas Are Ideal for Stay-at-Home Moms and Dads

Millions of independent professionals and traditional employees work from home by choice. With so many perks of working just a few feet from where you sleep, it’s a wonder everyone doesn’t do it. Of course, stay-at-home moms and dads have less choice in the matter. These 6 stay-at-home business ideas all offer real earning potential. It's possible that any one of them could provide you with enough to replace a full-time income, and then some.

Tips for Running Your Photo Booth Business

While photo booths have became the rage everywhere in the world, they're especially popular in the UK, because the UK hosts over 1 million...
How to Start a mobile boutique business

50+ Truck Businesses That Don’t Sell Food

If taco trucks are the only thing you think of when you imagine truck businesses, guess again. Here are 50+ different businesses that operate on four wheels that you just might want to check out!!

Dance Heads Music Video Vending Machine

Dance Heads is a video entertainment vending machine business in a box. It caters to the same crowd as karaoke, but it’s not just...

Something Borrowed Vintage: Antique Rental Company

Acorn-Online.com: Something Borrowed Vintage provides mismatched china, linens, flatware, and serving pieces at events ranging from weddings to afternoon teas and even pig roasts. During their...

Niche Biz: Photo Booth

Photo Booths are quickly becoming the “must have” feature of any successful wedding, party or other event, providing not only great fun for guests...

Vintage Wrapping Paper Biz

Lexington Clipper Herald: When a Los Angeles film production company needed vintage wrapping paper for a scene in a movie about a talking teddy bear,...

Buy Your Dream Business Now: European Castle

BusinessNewsDaily: The Event Villa, a wedding and reception facility, may be located in North Carolina, but all 10,000 square feet and seven acres of pristine...

BG Cleaning Systems Seeking Mumbai Franchisees

Virtual-Strategy Magazine: BG Cleaning Systems, an international cleaning and facility services company, advances its expansion in India. BG will be joining the Times Franchise Expo...