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The Genius of Everyday Things

82% of Americans say that they never leave home without their cellphones. 42% say that can’t live without them. According to the...

Products That Turn Everyday Chores Into Green Moments

Fast Company: A new breed of eco-designers are reimagining the everyday detritus of our lives and crafting clever solutions that will divert tons of waste...

Students Make Inventions That Address Everyday Problems

The Record-Courier: Meneley teacher Cathy Hackler, organizer of the school’s annual invention convention, said the event gives students the opportunity to problem solve and look...
currency crisis

What Is a Currency Crisis and How Does One Happen?

When there is a sharp depreciation in the value of a currency, we call that a currency crisis. And when a currency crisis occurs, it can upend the everyday lives of ordinary people, not just empty the wallets of traders in the financial markets.
5 Industries That Were Transformed by the Internet

5 Industries That Were Transformed by the Internet

Invented decades ago, the internet has transformed the way human beings communicate with one another. Here we discuss the five biggest examples of this technology revolution, along with what they might look like as the internet continues to change and get bigger.
Save Space, Time, and Money with a Waste Management Plan

Save Space, Time, and Money with a Waste Management Plan

By encouraging the reusing and recycling of products in your business, you can significantly reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfills. This can also save you time and money. But what steps should you take to develop a proper waste management plan for your company?
Is It Technology or Money That Makes the World Go Round?

Technology or Money: Which One Makes the World Go Round?

It’s a common saying that money makes the world go round. But does this statement hold true for all facets of the technological landscape? We look at the benefits of technology in society that require no monetary investment.
New Business Opportunities Opened by Artificial Intelligence

New Business Opportunities Opened by Artificial Intelligence

Because of the disruptive nature of AI technology, it powers numerous new business opportunities. Let’s talk about the benefits of AI-powered business solutions and how they are keeping businesses competitive.
retail startup

Tools Every Retail Startup Needs in Today’s Competitive Market

If you've begun a retail startup, whether it's at a physical location or online only, there are essential tools your company needs. Understanding that technology is key to scaling your business and becoming a success. In our guide, we break down the top tools every retail startup needs.
history of the barcode - featured image

How the creation of a barcode changed everything

How the usage of a barcode has changed from when it was created to now.
barcodes - featured image

How Barcodes Have Revolutionized Society

What would our lives be like without barcodes? Are you old enough to remember what life was like before we had them? In this post, we explore our world's relationship with barcodes.
Mobile apps for business - featured image

Best Mobile Apps for Your Business

If you’re starting out small with your business, don't miss out on some critical mobile apps that can take you ahead. Here, we list the types of mobile apps you need for your business.

Going International? Three Ideas to Understand

Are you planning to expand your company's reach to international markets? Here are three key concepts to know about before you do.

Successful Freelancers Have Learned How to Make More Money

Working for yourself is a long-held dream for many. The day you finally claim your place among full-time successful freelancers is one you’ll never forget. Moreover, there are few who would wish to return to the rat race once they’ve glimpsed the freedom of self-employment.

Traveling Abroad Will Help You Grow as an Entrepreneur

The world is getting smaller and more connected. The most successful entrepreneurs are those who know how to connect their local businesses to an increasingly global market. For that reason, traveling overseas will continue to be one of the most exciting ways to grow your business in the 21st century.
reading books

Reading Books: Is It Worth a Business Owner’s Time?

Of all the hobbies a business owner can have, reading books is one of the best. That’s because reading books can help you relax and give you new perspectives. Additionally, you can learn from books all sorts of things about your own industry and business that might otherwise have remained hidden from you. Here, we take you through the reasons why reading books is definitely worth a business owner’s time.

Content Marketing Tips For Small Business

Content marketing is a great new way to reach your customer base. And the good news is, you can use it in conjunction with traditional marketing for an even wider reach that is sure to increase your revenue. Content marketing is designed to attract and retain customers by creating content that reflects your brand and changes the way they see and interact with your company. Content marketing is used by many of the largest corporations in the world but it is not just for the big guys. Here are a few pointers you need to keep in mind when you decide to add content marketing to your strategy.

Future of Online Wholesale Business

What do We Know about Online Wholesale Business? Not so long ago buying things with only one click was hard to imagine. With the advancement...

Texas Non-Profit Franchises a Blimpie to Build Homes for Needy Families

This creative south Texas non-profit director turned to franchising to help build homes for needy families.

Facebook Business Pages That Attract Senior Consumers

Today’s consumer market is quite different than it was a decade ago: the large age group called the “baby boomers” are entering their golden...