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How to Save on Business Travel Expenses

How to Save on Business Travel Expenses

Travel expenses incurred by business employees or managers are among the most overlooked business expenses. They are also among the costliest. As inflation continues, businesses should reevaluate their expenses and look for ways to save on business travel.
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Expense Management Software Helps Prevent Expense Fraud

Around 80% of anti-fraud experts agree that expense fraud levels have increased dramatically over the pandemic. In other words, the problem of expense fraud is real, and companies need to find new ways to mitigate it as soon as possible.
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Starting a New Business? Track Expenses with a Current Account

When you start a new business, taking care of your finances might look easy at first. But as your business grows, the need to open a banking account becomes imperative. Let’s look at some of the benefits of having a Current account with IndusInd Bank.

How Businesses Can Reduce Energy Expenses During Cold Weather

The winter of 2017-2018 is proving to be a challenge in many ways. However, businesses throughout the US Northeast are finding ways to keep energy costs down while still being productive. It takes some effort on everyone's part, but it is possible for your business to find ways to keep energy costs under control during the blustery weather of this frosty winter.

Managing Your Expenses as an IT Contractor

In the world of IT contracting you could find yourself on the road for a lot of the week. You'll be going from job to job and racking up the expenses as you go. If you’re new to this line of work, keeping up with your expenses can sometimes be overwhelming. As a matter of fact, some expenses might even slip past you. When that happens, you’ll end up paying out of pocket for something you could be claiming back. So it’s important to fully prepare yourself for the expenses you’ll be accruing for each contract. Here are some tips that will help you manage your expenses as an IT contractor a bit better.

Saving On Expenses As A College Entrepreneur

There are so many amazing stories of success from college entrepreneurs. Just think of Mark Zuckerberg, starting Facebook in his dorm room. I think...

Second Year Of Success For Expense Reduction Analysts Franchisethe

Franchise Magazine: Folkestone has picked up Expense Reduction Analysts' Consultant of the Year Award for the second time at the company's 2011 National Conference. In winning...

Budgeting In An Expense Economy: Cutting Costs Might Include Cutting Underperformers

FranchiseUpdate: Now that we are freshly off the annual rite of late fall--the annual budget process--it might be a good time to consider how it...

5 Ways to Save Big on Your Overhead Business Expenses

The following is a guest post by Adam Gottlieb. As we march full steam into the new year, maintaining adequate cash flow continues to be...

Americans Still Trimming Daily Expenses

One unanswered question posed by this recession is, will we return to our previous buying habits once we believe that it is over? A new...

Sydney Franchisee Named Top Earner At Expense Reduction Analysts

Franchising.net.au: Expense Reduction Analysts has named its Top Earner for 2009 Sydney based franchisee Avron Newstadt who attributed his success to maintaining successful client relations....

Expense Reduction Analysts Offering Free Franchising Seminars

Franchise Key: The Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) franchise has announced that it has organized a series of free educational seminars across the country that are...

Reduce Ongoing Expenses Just By Asking

PCWorld: If your business has lost clients or needed to scale back, take action. Don't just wait for a rebound; use the moment to renegotiate...

Expense Reduction Analysts Offering Free Franchise Seminars

Franchise Key: The Expense Reduction Analysts franchise has announced that is has organized a number of free educational seminars across the country in conjunction with...

Mompreneur Started Business To Help Pay Expenses From Her Son's Surgery

The-Daily-Record.com: A mother's love knows no bounds. That's no less true for Jennifer Waddell, who's sacrificed countless hours of sleep in caring for her firstborn, Samuel. Now...

A Microbiz Can Help With College Expenses

Janice-Campbell.com: I have enjoyed several microbusinesses throughout my life, and I believe they can be great learning experiences for teens. With the economy in its...
Financial Emergencies to Look out For

Prepare for the Worst: 3 Financial Emergencies to Look out For

Business owners are always so focused on profits that they hardly think about preparing for financial emergencies. And while some of the financial issues listed in this article might be rare, they can affect a business so severely that it goes bankrupt.
Personal Loans: Which Kind Is Right for You?

Personal Loans: Which Kind Is Right for You?

There are some expenses that don’t fit into our budget, whether planned (like a vacation, wedding, or new TV) or unplanned (like when your car tire needs replacing or you have a medical emergency). Personal loans can come in handy at times like these.
How to Sell a Home with a Mortgage

How to Sell a Home with a Mortgage

Can you sell a home with a mortgage? If so, how does the process work? Selling a home while still paying off your mortgage is quite common. Here’s how you can do it.
The Ultimate Benefits of Having Accurate Accounting Reports

The Ultimate Benefits of Having Accurate Accounting Reports

Having accurate accounting reports can do a lot more for you than just maintain the details of your company’s finances. In fact, they come with a variety of benefits. Here are some of the benefits you need to know about.