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Peru Exports Franchise Restaurants

Worldcrunch: Peruvian businessmen Arnold Wu and his brother, owners of Pardo’s Chicken, opened their first foreign branch of the restaurant chain in 2002...

US Exports to Oman to Reach $4.5 Billion by 2016

It may be better known as one of the six countries making up the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), the political and economic union of...

UAE’s Top Imports and Exports

International trade is key for many economies and businesses across the world and the UAE plays an important part of this, having been a...

Rajesh Exports Plans Aggressive Expansion

‎Franchise India: Rajesh Exports, a Karnataka based jeweler brand has plans to take its store count to 125 outlets by the end of 2012. The...

Rajesh Exports To Open 52 Stores

Franchise India: Rajesh Exports (REL), the manufacturers of gold jewellery plans to open 52 stores under their jewellery brand ‘Shubh’. It will take the total...
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An American Client Base Is Pivotal to UK Business Success

Once your business begins to grow in the UK, you’ll begin to think further afield. Moreover, if you can build a solid American client base, your business will reap the benefits.
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Hire Professionals to Localize Your Multilingual Website

So you’ve decided to target international audiences. And now you're ready to switch from a monolingual to a multilingual website. Congratulations! This is a decision that can influence your bottom line significantly.
Fishbowl and QuickBooks - featured image

Integrating QuickBooks with Fishbowl: What You Need to Know

You might be familiar with QuickBooks as a means of handling accounting information. By integrating QuickBooks with Fishbowl, you can more easily manage both your inventory and your accounting, allowing for more productivity in your business.
manufacturer in China

How to Find a Manufacturer in China in 2019

Manufacturing in China: Set aside your doubts and see why everybody does it. We tell you how to find a manufacturer in China, import from China, and grow your business the right way.

Weather: Does It Affect the Forex Market? If So, How?

Ensconced as they may be in air-conditioned offices, watching the markets with plenty of coffee on hand, forex traders might feel oblivious to the sun or rain beyond their windows. But forex depends on the economy, and the weather can influence the economy. So, should we turn to The Weather Channel for the outlook on the markets? Well, maybe. Let’s go over some of the ways the weather can drive currencies. However, these are perhaps different from the ways you might expect.

USDCAD: What It Is and Why You Should Care About It

USDCAD, or USD/CAD, is shorthand for the pair composed of the United States dollar and Canadian dollar. Currency traders often call the pair the “loonie,” as that is a slang term for the Canadian currency.
forex market

What Is Forex Trading and How Does the Forex Market Work?

The forex market has become the world’s largest and most liquid financial market. As a matter of fact, the forex market boasts an average traded value of close to US$4 trillion per day. In this post, we discuss forex trading and describe the workings of the forex market.

Now You Really Can Work from Anywhere—Including Working at Sea

The world of telecommunication has made it possible for anyone to work from anywhere—including working at sea. Mobility is the wave of the present and the future. CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business owners can now fully operate their businesses anywhere in the world, whether by land, sea, or sky. They can set up their office space on land in the traditional manner, in an office with a landline, fax machine, cable internet, mail box, and front door. Alternatively, they can set up at a Starbucks with a laptop computer. Or they can set up their office temporarily in First Class, soaring the skies on a commercial flight or aboard a private plane. You'll find the truly adventurous, however, working at sea.

4 Reasons to Pay Attention to Business Growth

Paying attention to business growth is a must, whether it is on your own company, a rival or a company you want to invest in. For reasons such as future profitability and keeping an eye on the growth of wider economies, not looking at business growth could be a great mistake. Here are 4 reasons why you should.

Why is the Manufacturing Industry set to Rise in 2015 and What Does This...

Recent headlines in the business press have highlighted the fact that the UK's manufacturing sector looks set to continue its growth in 2015. This...

How to Achieve Self Made Business Success

The root of any successful self-made business is the culture and market of the audience that you are targeting. Having gained a good degree...

Is ‘Made in Portugal’ on the Rise?

Portugal is rapidly on the rise as an important manufacturer and distributor of high quality goods for the fashion, beauty and food industries. The country...

Opportunities In Coconuts

Business Mirror: There was an interesting announcement from the Department of Agriculture (DA) on May 31 that points to business opportunities in coconuts. The DA reported...

Countries by Their Largest Export

Global Post: Using data from the CIA Factbook, we labeled every country in the world by its highest valued export, a.k.a. the commodity...

What Osborne’s Budget Means For Business in 2014

When George Osborne announced the official 2014 budget in the House of Commons on Wednesday 20th March, the much-anticipated plan cemented Britain’s economic outlook...