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New PAR EverServ QSR Software Goes Live At Carl’s Jr. And SIP Coffee House

MarketWatch: ParTech, Inc. (PAR) today announced that its newly developed PAR EverServ(TM) QSR point-of-sale (POS) software has been successfully implemented at two significantly different quick...
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How Coffee Startups Have Changed the Coffee Industry

A few years ago, coffee startups changed the way we take our coffee. In fact, they managed to turn the coffee industry upside down, making coffee a nearly ubiquitous drink in the US.
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7 Benefits of Providing Live Chat for Customer Service

Live chat services provide customers with a convenient way to get their needs addressed, which makes them more likely to be satisfied with your company. Adding live chat services to your customer service efforts is a win for both you and your customers.
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Should You Care About Employees’ Lives Away from the Office?

How can you keep tabs on employees' mental health when they're away from the office and working from home? And should you even care? We say yes. Here are the main reasons why you should care about your employees' lives outside of their daily work duties.
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How to Create an on-Demand Delivery App

These days, entrepreneurs who want to start new and profitable companies have an appealing option: on-demand delivery apps and websites. The demand for these services is so high that current market players cannot cope. Therefore, now is a great time to enter this lucrative market.
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How to Start an Educational Document Delivery Service

If you live near a university or some other research organization—and you think you might enjoy tracking down historical as well current-day documents for clients who need them—a document delivery service could be a good businesses idea for you.
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Essential Services: 5 We Cannot Live Without

Whether you're a business owner or not, there are certain services we all depend on. We consider five of these essential services in this article.
live video

Tips for Using Live Video for Business Marketing  

You’ve likely seen plenty of your friends using live video on various social media platforms. Have you thought about using the tool as an entrepreneur to market your business? Rather than a “boomerang” video or a clip glitzed out with floppy dog ears, you can instead use the power of live video to generate interest in your company. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of this tool.
online title loans

Online Title Loans: Are They Legal? It Depends on Where You Live

If your small business needs a quick cash infusion, you might have considered taking out a title loan. Perhaps you've even wondered about online title loans. This article explores that option.
organic food delivery

6 Valuable Tips to Help You Start an Organic Food Delivery Business

Have you been looking for viable commercial opportunities? One of the most interesting options right now is an organic food delivery business. With more and more Americans focusing on eating a healthy diet, organic food is in demand.
hands-only CPR

Hands-Only CPR Saves Lives: 4 Easy Ways to Teach It to Kids

In your business, do you work with children or teens? Perhaps you’re a teacher or an after-school care provider. If so, you are in a unique position to teach kids the life-saving technique of hands-only CPR. Here, you'll find four tips for teaching children and teens hands-only cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or hands-only CPR.

What to Do If You Live Where Taxes Hit You Hard in the Wallet

Every government on the planet is expected to serve the needs of its citizens. Therefore, governments expect their citizens to pay taxes. In this respect, Americans are no different from citizens of any other country. In other words, we all have to pay our fair share in taxes. Additionally, when you're trying to run a small business, you need to be particularly careful about how you report your business income and expenses as they relate to your taxes. This is true regardless of where you live.
food delivery service

5 Tips to Improve Your Food Delivery Service — and Your Bottom Line

Today more than ever, people are ordering meals from a food delivery service. What's more, many of them are tired of having only limited choices such as Chinese or pizza. This is especially true if they have a favorite local restaurant. But you, an innovative entrepreneur, have taken the initiative and set up a restaurant food delivery service. You are doing okay, but you want to find ways to improve your service. You just don’t know where to start. Here are a few tips to improve your food delivery service and raise more revenue at the same time.

7-Eleven Partners with Postmates to Add Delivery Service

That Diet Coke and bag of potato chips you’re craving can now be delivered to your front door with just a few taps of...

How the BeBalanced Franchise Is Changing Women’s Lives

An in-depth interview with David M. Cutillo, Director of BeBalanced Franchise Development, on how they've helped numerous women out through hormone balance.

Live Healthy with Your Own Anytime Fitness Franchise

Outside of anything having to do with the Internet, health is the buzzword of the times that we live in. That’s what makes fitness-based franchise opportunities, like Anytime Fitness, so appealing to many aspiring entrepreneurs.

6 Tips to Make Your Online Customers Feel More Comfortable

How to Make Online Customers More Comfortable with Your Brand Though the e-commerce industry has come a long way in the last five years, a...

Meet Doorstep Delivery

Doorstep Delivery is a restaurant delivery and marketing company. They deliver for restaurants that don’t normally deliver and help them market their restaurants.

10 Principles to Live by That Will Change Your Life Forever

Feel like you need make some changes in how you live your life? It's as simple as applying these ten rules to your everyday...

Writing a Book, Live

Cassandra Daily: Silvia Hartmann’s Naked Writer Project allows fans to read her latest fantasy fiction book, The Dragon Lords, as it is being...