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crowd funding platforms

The Rise of Crowd Funding Platforms

Crowd funding platforms provide an alternative way of collecting funds for projects. They are a relatively new phenomenon, as they have emerged only in the last two decades. Their rise, however, has been rapid and far-reaching, with thousands of platforms currently active all over the world.
business in Manchester

Business in Manchester: A Guide to Starting Up in “The Original Modern City”

Sole traders, entrepreneurs and niche marketers can build on the success of "the Original Modern City" - business in Manchester. Get started today!

Employment Tips for Healthcare Professionals Who are Relocating to the Uk

With both private and state funded health care prominent in the United Kingdom there are a wealth of employment opportunities for those with the...

Raising Money For Your Company

photo credit: Bracketing Life Small Business Labs did an article recently on raising money for your company. We all know that this can be...