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Cool Business Ideas for the DIY Entrepreneur

Those with the rare combination of DIY skills and an entrepreneurial bent have just what it takes to build a unique business offering in today’s world. If you dream of becoming a DIY entrepreneur, now is the time. Here are some cool ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Kerala: A Business Traveler’s Guide to God’s Own Country

Tourists come to Kerala from all over the world. Business travelers, too, have begun to follow in recent decades. A melting pot of Indian and colonial traditions, Kerala has something for everybody.

5 Business Ideas To Start On Your Smartphone

People are smart these days, and there is a reason why that is. Here is a business case example: When the world learned that a brick-and-mortar outfit was not going to be able to make it without a bit of e-commerce, websites sprung up and made history. But did the buck stop rolling there? Certainly not! A paradigm shift happened, and what we notice now is that most youngsters with the business itch have begun using their mobile phones to start a venture - some of them have become very successful too. If you want to be a successful mobile business entrepreneur, here are five businesses that you can start just by using your smartphone!

Business Is Blooming For Green Entrepreneur

Known by friends as "The Slug Man," Callum Davis is on a quest to help you in the garden according to Guardian.co.uk. Davis is still...

Waterless Car Wash? ecowash mobile Franchise Set To Clean Up U.S. Market

SAN DIEGO – A car wash that uses no water? A concept that at first sounds borderline impossible is fast becoming a reality around...