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Amway Global Parent Company Selects Omniture To Scale Globally For Company’s Growth

International Business Times: Omniture, Inc., a leading providerof online business optimization software, today announced that Alticor, Inc., parent of leading direct selling company Amway Corp.,...
Lensa: A Small Company Making a Big Difference

Lensa: A Small Company Making a Big Difference

Since its launch in San Francisco, California, in 2016, Lensa has been empowering both employers and job seekers with the resources they need to make better, more informed decisions leading to a far more successful employer/employee fit.
Great Upgrade

What’s the Great Upgrade and How Could It Affect Your Company?

Something has been brewing in businesses this year. Spurred on by the pandemic and hastened by an ongoing cost-of-living crisis: The Great Upgrade. However, what is it, and how might it affect your business?
global payday loan industry

The Global Payday Loan Industry: How Australia Measures Up

Here we talk about the global payday loan industry and how Australia is one of the best countries ever in consumer protection.
company culture - featured image

How to Build Company Culture in Remote Organizations

Remote work is here to stay, but it comes with its own set of challenges. Chief among them is the problem of building a strong company culture that includes both in-house staff as well as those who are working remotely.
Elijah Norton - featured image

Elijah Norton of Veritas Global Protection: Business Today

Elijah Norton, president of Veritas Global Protection Services, shares his views on what he believes keeps customers coming back to his business.
rister - featured image

Rister Sarl Fiduciary Company

Rister, a company in Geneva, advises clients about the laws, guidelines, and strategic steps for successfully setting up a company in Switzerland.
mission - featured image

Why Your Company Mission Drives Your Culture

Knowing the mission behind a company is vital. It clarifies the purpose for what you do and serves as the blueprint for how you do it.
global - featured image

Business Across Borders: 3 Ways to Go Global

There has never been a more opportune time to go global with your business. In this article, we explore three cutting-edge ways you can transform your small business into a multinational enterprise.
full stack development team

Full Stack Development: Global Trends

Software and web development environments demand expertise in multiple areas. Consequently, the need for a full stack team is now a top global business trend.
digital transformation - featured image

Digital Transformation: A Company Make-Over

Are you ready for a company make-over? Let a digital transformation bring in new technology and change the way your company operates. At its best, a digital transformation focuses on the customer's experience as well as your company’s overall organization.
Air Conditioning Company - featured image

What to Look for in an Air Conditioning Company

Choosing a quality air conditioning company for your business ensures comfort and reliability throughout the entire lifespan of their product. Here are a few things to look for in an air conditioning company.
going global

Going Global? How to Win Business in a Foreign Country

Are you dreaming of going global with your business? Perhaps you should. One of the most enlightening yet daring expansions a business owner can make is the extension of the business to a foreign country. These six useful tips will help you navigate your way more easily.
expanding overseas

Growing Your Small Company: Expanding Overseas

For both small and large companies, expanding overseas is a significant step. What's more, it's a step that could make or break the business. However, it is important to understand that the process can be a laborious one requiring planning and attention. Expanding overseas will require the company to obtain new permits. Additionally, they'll need to find a new target base. In order to do that, the owners will need to research the market overseas and understand its trends.

Thinking of Migrating? The 5 Best Places in the World to Start a Company

Business opportunities exist everywhere, at home and away from home. So when it comes to migrating to a new country for a startup business you have plenty to learn about and consider. Here are the top five countries to which you can easily migrate and start your own business. They are the best in the world.
go global

Go Global with Confidence: With an Importer of Record You Never Suffer a Delay

Are you a technology reseller with aspirations to go global? If so, you have surely discovered by now how intimidating the complex and convoluted world of importing and exporting can be. This is particularly true where dual-use and controlled-use goods are concerned. Because these types of shipments can be used for both civilian and military purposes, customs officials treat them with great caution. IT equipment is no exception. Things can get even more complicated when your customer is leasing your technologies but not purchasing them. Without a customer on the other end of the transaction to take responsibility for the goods when they're cleared, you absolutely must have one crucial affiliate. And who is that crucial affiliate? It's an importer of record.

Go Global: 6 Key Benefits of Expanding Your Business Internationally

The success of your business can be subject to factors you might not even be aware of. For instance, your business might be enjoying great success locally, and certainly you’re enjoying that success. You might even be considering expanding. However, have you ever stopped to consider that your business might do even better if you were to expand internationally?

How to Make Sure Your Company Has Enough Cash All Year

Every business owner knows that cash flow is the life blood of any company. Here is a great article to show you how to make sure you have adequate cash flow all year and never bleed out.

Global Garage CEO Views the Garage as the Front Door to the Home

We recently sat down with Global Garage CEO Lance Jensen for an exclusive interview. He shares what he learned from his experiences as a franchisee and how he uses that knowledge to his advantage as a franchisor.

Leaving Retail Behind to Tap into the Global Economy

Karen Long is the owner of a Create Your Own Life franchise in Adelaide, Australia. Founded in 2012, Create Your Own Life is an online Personal Leadership Development business.