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HealthSport, Inc Develops New Weight Management Strips To Accompany Health Conscious Product Line

CNN Money: HealthSport, Inc. announced today that it has developed a weight management product line which initially includes an appetite suppressant strip and a calorie...
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The Visa Award Card by Tremendous Company

It is impossible for businesses to earn customer loyalty without an organized and motivated team of employees. This where the Visa award card from Tremendous Company comes to the rescue.
Transport Company

Starting a Pet Transport Company: What You Need to Know

Pets are an integral part of many families across the United States. There is a growing number of people preferring to travel with their pets. As a result, the pet travel market is flourishing. Here's what you need to know to start a pet transport company in 2021.
improve employee engagement

How to Improve Employee Engagement in Your Company

Better employee engagement makes your company more profitable in the long run. In this post, we explain how you can improve employee engagement in your company.
Health and Safety

How to Promote Health and Safety in the Workplace

Optimizing the productivity of any business begins with its employees. Promoting health and safety in the workplace will help you increase your business's morale and profitability. Learn how to accomplish this with your employees.
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Legal Work: How to Improve Efficiency in a Law Company

Law firms' archaic practices are rapidly giving way to innovation as the American Bar Association approves new technologies, including AI, for their work. With so much disruption afoot, how can a modern law company become more efficient?
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Spotlight on USANA: Company Clinches Multiple Awards in 2020

USANA had a strong year in 2020, receiving more than 60 honors. We look at the company's most recent awards and how these recognitions point to bigger and better things ahead.
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QNET: The Right Air Purifier Is Vital for Good Health

Protect the health of your employees by adding an additional layer of protection with the purchase of an air purifier for your small business.
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College Students: How to Launch Your First Company

Your college years can be a great time to explore business opportunities. Starting your own company, you get hands-on experience and apply your knowledge in practice. Here are some tips and ideas for college students and other future entrepreneurs.
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How to Efficiently Share Company Knowledge

No company knowledge is ever useless. But knowledge is a whole lot more valuable when it’s possessed by the whole team, rather than a single worker or team. What does that entail? Here are six steps that are key for knowledge management.
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Why Your Company Mission Drives Your Culture

Knowing the mission behind a company is vital. It clarifies the purpose for what you do and serves as the blueprint for how you do it.
health-life balance

Health-Life Balance for Peace of Mind

Life can get hectic. And when it does, our health is often the first thing that gets ignored. Finding a health-life balance leads to peace of mind.
automated culture

How to Build an Automated Culture in Your Company

Workflow automation is a relatively new practice that is taking the world of business by storm. Creating automated workflow processes can be difficult initially. However, it gets easier with time. Many companies use dedicated workflow management software to help build an automated culture for their workplace. With this in mind, here’s a complete guide to help you build an automated culture for your business.
company holiday party

A Beginner’s Guide to Planning the Company Holiday Party

This article is here to provide an introductory guide to the party planning process. Specifically, this is a guide to planning the company holiday party. From inception, to venue booking, all the way to the big day, this article will walk you through the process.

Take Advantage of the Growing Opportunities in MHealth

At first glance, the marriage of healthcare and mobile apps might seem a strange one. Many people have a fairly rarefied view of medical appointments. They would never imagine incorporating their smartphones into the management of their personal health. But as access to—and acceptance of—digital solutions becomes more commonplace, the healthcare market is seeing the beginnings of enormous disruptions to the status quo. According to a 2017 report from the IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science, there are currently more than 318,000 mobile health, or mHealth, apps available worldwide. What's more, there are more every day.

4 Things to Cover When You’re a Freelancer — Besides Health Insurance

If you’re interested in becoming a freelancer, you’re hardly alone. The Freelancers Union predicts that the majority of the U.S. workforce could be freelancers within another decade. Freelancers have to practice lots of self-discipline. However, they also get to choose when, how, where, and with whom they work. However, there are elements of the freelancer lifestyle that require workers to look out for themselves. Here are four of them.
mental health

How to Improve Employees’ Mental Health (and Why You Should Care)

You don’t have to invest thousands of dollars into a sophisticated program to help support employee mental health. Even a simple culture change can make a big difference. Take the time to address your employees’ most pressing issues. Then provide the support network they need to remain healthy and productive.

3 Health-Based Industries That Are Primed for Investment

Investment is a funny old game. You could funnel money into one product only to find it's obsolete long before it lands on store shelves. Or you could place a pittance into the research of a brand and watch it take off like a rocket to Pluto. You’re spinning a roulette wheel every time you write a check. But if your gamble pays off, you’ll enjoy more cash than you could imagine. An industry gaining traction right now is in health and fitness. Yes, health-based industries are rife with investment opportunities. So if you're looking for ways to fund your startup idea or expand your existing business, you should check out our list to find out a few of our hot tips.
tax benefits

How Not to Lose Tax Benefits with Your Health Insurance Policy

You already know that your health insurance policies can save you from the heavy expenses of hospitalization and other health issues when they occur. However, did you also know that they can provide you with tax benefits, too? Yes, you read that right. Under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, citizens of India can earn a tax rebate just by having a health insurance policy. However, there are certain situations when an insured person won't get those tax benefits. We tell you all about them here.
employees happier

4 Ways to Make Your Employees Happier and Healthier 

How important to you is a productive workday in your business? Nobody can deny that a successful business can be traced back to hardworking and productive employees. It’s also true that nobody can deny that people feel more inclined to work harder when they feel valued and happy. Here we discuss several ways for encouraging productivity by making employees happier and improving their health.