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Make Money Helping Homeowners Avoid Disaster

Unforeseen natural disasters can occur at any time, and homeowners are more aware now than ever of the importance of a home inventory, but rarely take the time to perform one.

Homeowners Can Rent Out Driveways

ABC News: Anthony Eskinazi, CEO and founder of ParkatmyHouse.com wants to bring convenience to drivers and dollars to driveway owners across America. More than...

Website Helps Homeowners Keep On Track

Sacramento Business Journal: The new enterprise is HomeZada, an internet site and a mobile application that helps homeowners organize and protect household inventory documents and...

MaidPro Poll Reveals Most Homeowners Spend Over Three Hours Cleaning On Weekends

RedOrbit: MaidPro, the leader in the art and science of residential cleaning, recently conducted a poll on Facebook that revealed 60% spend three or more...

USA Insulation Franchise Giving Away $5,000 Of Insulation To Local Homeowners

Franchising.com: USA Insulation is celebrating the companies' 25th anniversary by awarding one local homeowner each in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Omaha, Addison, IL, Northbrook, IL and Valparaiso,...

Entrepreneur Empowers Homeowners

News Blaze: Luke Fishback is a young entrepreneur with a good idea about energy conservation. It's cheap, easy to do and saves money on electricity...
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Florida Solar: What Are the Advantages of Solar in 2022?

According to the SEIA, the cost of solar panels in Florida has plummeted by 5% in the last five years. So now is a better time than ever before to go solar with your home or business.
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How to Get Your Finances Back on Track After Bankruptcy

Regaining financial stability after bankruptcy requires a lot of work and self-discipline, but it’s certainly not impossible. Here are a few steps you can take to rebuild your savings and get life back on track if you’ve filed for bankruptcy.
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5 Tips to Improve Purchase Order Management

Purchasing. It's a tough job sometimes, but somebody has to do it. There are plenty of obstacles to running a smooth procurement department. Many of them, sadly, happen at the purchase order stage.
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4 Home Security Must-Haves for 2022

The home is a haven for rest and relaxation for most people. It is where people feel most comfortable. But especially if you own a home-based business, you need a home security system to keep you feeling safe in your home.
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Why Being a Green Entrepreneur Benefits Everyone

Are you thinking about starting a conscious business? See how being a green entrepreneur would benefit everyone, from yourself to employees, customers, and the environment.
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Why Agents Choose Dorrmat for Seller Lead Generation

Dorrmat is a market leader when it comes to providing high-quality real estate leads to its registered agents. In this post we cover the benefits offered by the Dorrmat platform.
Business Insurance

Expert Business Insurance Tips for Dentists

Whether you’re starting a solo practice or are sharing space with other dentists, you have a lot invested in your practice. A dentist’s office is a business and it needs to be protected. Let's review a few types of business insurance coverage specific to dental practices your business needs.
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Easy-to-Start Business Ideas for Budding Entrepreneurs

It is every budding entrepreneur's dream to become a business tycoon one day. However, starting a business these days, especially in the pandemic era, is not easy. So why not start simply with one of the following part-time business ideas?
rental property

What Can Owners Do to Protect Their Rental Property Investment?

Owning and managing rental property is a superior real estate investment opportunity because of the passive income you stand to earn. In this article, we outline six helpful strategies property owners can use to protect their rental property investment.
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4 Qualities Every Snow Removal Company Should Have

Although the world looks beautiful after a snowfall, homeowners as well as owners of small businesses know how difficult snow removal can be. If this is the first time you are going to call a snow removal company, make sure they have the following qualities.
Real Estate Investment

5 Superior Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Although a real estate investment may be expensive, other options may be affordable. Investing in real estate can be lucrative, and the individuals who take it seriously really make a lot of money from the business.

How-to-Guide: Starting a Profitable Airbnb Business

While it can be challenging to start an Airbnb business, it comes with many benefits, including flexibility, tax advantages, and passive income. Find out what you need to get started in 2021.
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Proper Care and Maintenance of Windows

Business owners who own their own buildings must ensure to maintain their windows. The owner’s maintenance of windows not only affects the building’s aesthetics, but it also ensures the security of the property. Here are some of the basic tasks for cleaning windows.
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Calling Professionals for Tree Trimming and Removal Service

There are times when would it be appropriate to call the professionals for tree trimming or removal. Here are a few signs that it’s time to do so.