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How to Stand Out in the Graduate Job Market

Intense competition in the job market means that recruiters are often sifting through hundreds if not thousands of CVs. But there are a few key things you can do to ensure employers see exactly what you have to offer and why they should hire you. Read on to find out what they are.
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How Smart Companies Manage Digital Assets

The digital revolution touched almost every aspect of our lives. It has swept through the companies we own and work in. In fact, digital assets have become hugely significant almost everywhere. Therefore, it is essential to keep them in good condition and safeguard their components.
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Creativity Tips: 3 Ways to Invigorate Your Creative Side

Creativity can be hugely beneficial to most jobs and businesses, which is why it’s always worth trying to develop this skill further in one way or another. If you’re looking to stimulate your own creative side, here are three tips for getting started.
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Let Personalized Lanyards Benefit Your Business

Is there a trade show or business seminar in your future? If so, why not plan now to bring along some personalized lanyards? They can help to promote your company while you're there and long after the event is over.

5 Ways To Improve Employee’s Productivity

As a business owner, there are certain things you can do to ensure that your employees are not just comfortable at work, but also productive. Here are some tips to improve your business space

3 Tips to Gain Brand Authenticity and Why It’s So Important

Branding, advertising, and overall marketing for your business is a tricky field to navigate, but when implemented correctly it’s a proven way to connect...

What Exactly Is A Franchise & How Can They Help You Make Money?

If you’re looking for a business opportunity which allows you to jump on board with an established brand and work to a tried and tested formula, a franchise could be the perfect solution for you. There are all kinds of business opportunities out there online, most of which start with something along the lines of ‘"Make a Ton of Money an hour from your front room." Guess what? If it looks to good to be true...it probably is.

20 of Today’s Leading Children’s Franchises

While you don’t need any specialized skills to become an owner of most childen’s franchises, it definitely helps to have a love of kids.

Why Less is More When Writing a Job Spec

  Is your job spec needlessly long and comprehensive? When writing a job listing, it's important to outline essential skills and experience. But many companies...

50+ Business Plan Resources: Software, Templates, Tools

You have a beautiful business plan in your head. Find out how to get it out, and onto paper where you can execute it.

Top Tips for Online Marketing

Setting up an online selling operation is not a rocket science – but making a success of one is a much tougher challenge. If you...

Polished Performer Lee Targets High Value Business

The Franchise Magazine: Few companies can claim that they provide services of such exclusive quality that customers based overseas will bring their vehicles into the...