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Identifying A Good Biz Idea

There are several ways of finding business ideas. According to James Abola over at the Daily Monitor, his favorite source of business ideas is...

The 10/10/10 Plan for Identifying Your New Business

The following guest post is by Scott Quitter of A Couple of Quitters. There is a growing interest in starting small businesses. So many people...

How Entrepreneurs Identify New Biz Opportunities

Raffi Amit,a professor of management at Wharton,offers insights into how entrepreneurs can identify new business opportunities and evaluate their potential and their risks in...

Identifying The Right Franchise For You

bdaily: If you are considering joining a franchise you need to be aware of what is involved and how to identify which businesses may best...

Franchising – Identifying Key Advantages, Risks And Rewards

PRWire: Having experienced a few years of tougher economic conditions those who want to get into business may wish to consider a franchise. Buying or...

Hanep Buhay: How To Identify A Fake Franchising Company

GMANews.TV: Hanep Buhay is the first business reality-magazine show on Philippine TV that aims to empower every Pinoy with knowledge on how to manage funds,...

Franchise Consultants Identify ‘What’s Hot’ In Franchising

PR Newswire: The iFranchise Group, a leading franchise consulting firm based in the Chicago area, sees a number of current trends in franchising that they...

Things That Help Identify A Good Franchise Opportunity

NuWire Investor: It is a mine field when it comes to investing in a franchise unit. Good information is very hard to find. And there's...

Wendy’s Franchisee RDR Foods, Implements SecureConnect Solution, Identifying Installation As Success

PRLog.Org: With the formation of the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC), a standardized guideline was established to help organizations implement proper network...

How To Identify And Deal With A Financially Troubled Franchisee

The Metropolitan Coporate Counsel: Franchisors dealing with financially distressed franchisees will find that three maxims generally hold true: an out-of-court work-out is usually preferable to...
traveling with working - featured image

How to Reconcile Traveling with Working as a CEO

When you're the CEO of a company, you will most likely have to reconcile traveling with working productively, especially since business travel is probably an incremental part of your role as CEO. In this post, we offer some solutions.
digital marketing strategies - featured image

7 Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Business

As a busy entrepreneur, you may wonder where to start on digital marketing. To help you, we have gathered several digital marketing strategies you can use.

Adam Ferrari Shares How to Keep Your Business Growing During Adverse Conditions

In the best of conditions growing a business can still be challenging. It requires hard work, skill, and even a bit of luck. Here are four ways to keep your business growing, even in adversity.
market demographic - featured image

5 Reasons Nailing Your Market Demographic Is Key

When you’re starting your first small business as an entrepreneur, one crucial aspect of success is identifying the market demographic for your niche. And the more specific you can be, the better.
sales crew - featured image

How to Recruit and Train an All-Star Sales Crew

A critical factor in your organization’s success is your ability to effectively recruit and train a stellar sales crew. However, recruiting managers often mishandle this process and it becomes a massive time drain. Learn here how Attention dramatically improves this process.
in your free time - featured image

How to Use Tech to Make Money in Your Free Time

A full-time job offers a steady salary, and it also gives you evenings and weekends to do your own thing. You could use this time to start a new venture and advance your career. Here are a few ways you can make your money in your free time.
Cold Emails

How to Use Cold Emails to Grow Your Small Business

Is it effective to send cold emails and is it worth the effort? Yes, developing a mailing list is one of the most effective methods for increasing growth for your small business. Here's how.
3D printing - featured image

3D Printing: How It Touches Our Lives

3D printing has come a long way since Charles Hull invented the process. This article looks at a few of the many positive outcomes 3D printing has given us.
Office Environment

Functional Fit Out: Creating a Productive Office Environment

Productivity is an indicator of a positive company culture and office environment. Your productivity will increase when you or your employees are happy and supported, and have the right equipment to do the job. Here's how you can improve your company's productivity today.
organizational structures - featured image

Types of Organizational Structures in Business

This blog post explores the four most common types of business structures: functional, product line, matrix, and project-based. We also discuss what each type entails and how it can help your organization succeed.