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Why SA’s Proposal To Regulate Franchising Is Impractical

SmartCompany.com.au: The recent announcement by South Australian Small Business Minister Tom Koutsantonis that SA will push ahead with specific legislation to regulate franchising beyond the...
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What Lies in Store for Out-of-Home Advertising in 2020?

Out-of-home advertising has been a powerful tool for small businesses and larger brands alike for decades. However, thanks to Covid-19, outdoor advertising has lost its effectiveness, at least for the time being, and is not advertisers' first choice for now. So what lies ahead for outdoor advertising in 2020 and beyond?
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Eco-Friendly Transportation Technologies of the Near Future

Our beloved planet has borne up under ever-increasing and possibly lasting damage over the years. But from moving toward renewable energy to revolutionizing the transportation industry, the whole world is working toward a healthier planet in efforts to undo and reverse the harm.
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7 of 2020’s Most Valuable Brand-Building Tips

The main aim of brand-building today is the same as it was yesterday. It's just that you need to be more resourceful to get through to today’s digitally empowered audiences.

Editing PDFs No Longer Needs to Be a Massive Headache

Even though software has come far in the digital age, just about every company still uses PDFs to some extent. Despite being more than two decades old, the format remains an extremely popular one among companies big and small and across every industry. Unfortunately, PDFs are not without their shortcomings. One of the biggest complaints from users: Editing PDFs is extremely difficult.

3 Ways to Make Big Savings in Your Small Business

Starting out with your small business can be an exciting but stressful time. Generally, any new venture requires a lot of time, capital, and passion to get it off the ground. A lack in any of these departments can land you in all kinds of trouble. The time and passion aspects of building your small business are central to your own work ethic. However, making sure your cash flow is in the best possible situation can sometimes be a little difficult for anyone new to entrepreneurial circles. It may be difficult to keep on top of your cash flow at a time in business that is notoriously volatile. Nonetheless, there are ways to make sure you are doing everything you can to keep costs down and profits up when you're starting out.

7 Ways Find Your Dream Job or Business

The world of work can be a confusing and complicated place. If you’re coming to the end of your formal education and are wondering what sort of career to pursue, or you’re stuck in a dead-end job and are desperate for a fresh start, you need to take action now.

The Power of the Brilliantly Stupid Idea

They crushed their fear, made their dreams happen and lived without regret.

2D Glasses!

Does your spouse love to watch 3D movies at the movie theater? Do they give you a headache? Hank Green loves 3D...

Forex: The Mark Of Successful Traders

Online trading is often described more as an art than a science. Yes there is need to understand those complex ratios, charts and numbers...

The Future is 3D Printed Manufacturing

Forbes: Now the economics of large-scale production runs carried out overseas are being disrupted by the possibility of making, selling and delivering millions...

Today in Entrepreneurial History: April 26

On this day in 1956, the SS Ideal X, the world’s first successful container ship, left Port Newark, New Jersey for Houston, Texas. Even if this...

Today in Entrepreneurial History: September 7

1895 – The first game of what would become known as rugby league football is played, in England, starting the 1895–96 Northern Rugby Football...

Bill Gates Water-Less Loo Invention

Irish Independent: THE world's richest man has set himself a new challenge – to improve sanitation for the poor More than 230 years after a Scottish...

Is Monavie All Wrung Out?

i-Newswire: MonaVie has been a powerful MLM company for several years, even racking up several celebrity endorsements along the way. But as the company’s revenue...

Cutting Your Tech Bills Down

photo credit: cod_gabriel We can all stand to save some money here and there in business today. Every little bit really adds...

Google Takes Printing To The Cloud

According to a blog post in The New York Times, Google plans on creating a new way of printing, with all the necessary software...

Herrell’s Ice Cream To Stop Serving

Harvard Crimson: After 27 years of serving ice cream to the Harvard Square masses, Herrell’s Ice Cream’s Dunster St. location may close as early as...

2009 Invention Awards: Rescue Reel

Popular Science: As the 9/11 inferno unfolded on television, one question kept dogging Kevin Stone: Why weren't the people trapped in the World Trade Center...