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How Data Modeling Has Improved the Auto Industry

Less than a decade ago, big data analytics was only a concept. Now it has become an integral part of doing business. A look at how data modeling has improved the auto industry can give other businesses ideas for capitalizing on analytics.
EDI - featured image

Why EDI Also Means “Efficiency Drastically Improved”

EDI stands for “electronic data interchange,” but EDI software offers your business so much more than its dry-sounding name lets on. Read here to find out what we mean.

Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System® Launches Improved, Interactive, Easy-To-Use Website

Business Review Europe: Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System®, a leading franchisor of commercial cleaning businesses, has launched an easy-to-navigate website with improved interactive features, making it...

Improved Balance Between Franchisors And Franchisees

Lexology: As of 1 April 2012, the Measures for Administration on Information Disclosure of Commercial Franchise ("Measures") took effect. The Measures were issued by the...

How I Improved Franchisee Satisfaction By Dumping Email

SmartCompany.com.au: Video game retailer GameTraders has been one of the few benefactors from the global financial crisis. As customers started saving their money and looking...

Click, Click; Batteries Plus Franchise Debuts New Website With Improved Features

Franchising.com: Batteries Plus, the nation's first and largest all battery retailer, enjoyed the best year in company history in 2009. With the help of a...

Usana Supported Study Demonstartes Improved Bone Health

Reuters: USANA Health Sciences, Inc. announced today that a third party clinical study led by Dr. David Greene at Australian Catholic University (ACU National) found...

Geek Choice Inc. Increases Profitability Through Improved Operations

Boston Business Journal: As a nationwide provider of on-site IT services to homes and businesses, Lucas Brunelle is accustomed to addressing a wide range of...
New Business Opportunities Opened by Artificial Intelligence

New Business Opportunities Opened by Artificial Intelligence

Because of the disruptive nature of AI technology, it powers numerous new business opportunities. Let’s talk about the benefits of AI-powered business solutions and how they are keeping businesses competitive.
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Water Filter Buying Guide

We already know just how vital water is for our health. But just how clean is the water you are consuming? Even more importantly, should you purchase a water filter for your home or place of business?
responsible beverage service training

Responsible Beverage Service Training and Your Business

The Responsible Beverage Server Training Act is the law that is making responsible beverage service training a requirement for alcohol servers and managers in California. As your business prepares for this new mandate, learn more about what will help you streamline your efforts to get RBS-certified.
starting a business - featured image

9 Tips for Starting a Business

Successfully launching a business offers one of the most exciting rewards. However, how do you begin or lay the foundation of this business? In this article we give some tips for starting a business.
market segmentation - featured image

Market Segmentation and Promotional Products

When you have a large target market, the only logical step is market segmentation. In other words, split your target market up into segments. You can then assess and influence each segment individually. Here’s how promotional products can play into that strategy.
employee feedback - featured image

Employee Feedback Is Crucial for Improving Productivity

By actively inviting employee feedback and understanding key challenges within an organization, it is possible to build a positive culture of trust and empowerment and increase employee engagement.
home security - featured image

4 Home Security Must-Haves for 2022

The home is a haven for rest and relaxation for most people. It is where people feel most comfortable. But especially if you own a home-based business, you need a home security system to keep you feeling safe in your home.
SEO Strategy - featured image

The Best Recommendations for SEO Strategy in 2022

A robust SEO strategy is essential for businesses these days. But since SEO involves months—if not years—of diligent effort, you might want to appoint an SEO agency to help you.
business in china - featured image

5 Major Challenges Of Doing Business In China: By Leading Experts

If you’re considering doing business in China, this post is written for you. What makes the Chinese market so tricky? How can you overcome these challenges in your business? Read on to find out.
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3 Tips for Improving Conversion Rates with B2B Customers

Converting traffic and brand interest into paying B2B customers is a tough challenge. In this post we look at three tips that will help you improve your B2B conversion rates.
Office Environment

Functional Fit Out: Creating a Productive Office Environment

Productivity is an indicator of a positive company culture and office environment. Your productivity will increase when you or your employees are happy and supported, and have the right equipment to do the job. Here's how you can improve your company's productivity today.
voluntary carbon - featured image

Voluntary Carbon Markets: Eddie Listorti Outlines the Opportunities

Voluntary carbon markets offer enormous business opportunities that counter the massive challenge of climate change. Eddie Listorti, CEO of Viridios Capital, explains here.