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8 Up-and-Coming Places to Visit Before You Retire

Like many Americans, you probably cannot stop dreaming about your retirement. So, whether you are ready for matching beach chairs or planning an early retirement getaway, these eight locations are must-see places to visit before you retire. (And, hey, maybe you can actually retire there.)
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How Are Challenger Banks Redefining the Fintech Landscape?

Challenger banks operate without a physical branch. Everything from opening an account to issuing cards and money transfers and making deposits takes place online.
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5 Ways to Earn Money While Staying Home During the Pandemic

Though you might not have experienced the tragic loss of a loved one, the pandemic has probably still affected your business and your investments. To make matters worse, many people are still staying home because of the pandemic.
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No Bank Account? 6 Types of Loans for You

Most lenders require their customers to have a bank account. Especially for online lenders, that’s important. One of the reasons is that the lender needs to transfer deposits to their borrowers. But what if you need emergency cash and you have no bank account? What then?
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Home-Based Business Ideas for 2021

Starting a new business is no longer only for the wealthy. Are you intrigued? Check out these home-based business ideas for 2021.
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Canadian Loans: A Comparison of 5 Lenders

As a Canadian, you may have heard of institutions such as Mogo Finance, Fairstone Financial, Borrowell, EasyFinancial, and Cash 4 You. This article offers an in-depth review of each lender in order to save you time and frustration when you have an urgent financial need.
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Top 5 Financial Companies Doing It Right

Banks and financial companies face high expectations. Whether for their businesses or their individual needs, people need to know their funds are safe. But they also want the best deals and most convenient options on the market. Check out these five financial institutions that are doing things the right way.
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How to Refinance a Personal Loan in 2019

Perhaps you have experienced problems with accrued interest and penalties because of delayed payments on a personal loan. In a situation like this, it might be possible to refinance your personal loan.

Industries That Thrive Even When the Economy Falters

Recent history has shown that economic bubbles burst and cash booms go bust. Though the economy is doing well right now, it is helpful to look toward the future. For those interested in opening up a new business, here are a few safe bets in the event of an economic downturn.
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Some Suggested Title Loan Alternatives for Your Business

If your business is in a sticky situation and you need money as soon as possible, taking out an auto title loan might seem like a good option. As with most things in life, however, title loans come with both pros and cons. Looking at all of your options beforehand is the best thing you can do. To that end, we’ve got some alternatives to auto title loans you should look at first.

Brokers: The Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Business Opportunities

Brokers are people who buy and sell goods or assets for other people. A broker earns money by charging commissions for providing their services. These days, the Internet provides people with all kinds of opportunities, including opportunities to become brokers.
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Forex Trading Basics New Traders Need to Know Now

Are you planning to trade in the foreign exchange markets in order to raise capital for your business? In other words, are you planning to engage in forex trading? If so, you need to educate yourself about a few basics first. The foreign exchange market is the largest of all the world's exchange markets in terms of the volume of trading. Large companies as well as traders at many levels reap profits from forex trading.

Peer-to-Peer Lending: It’s Beneficial for Both Lenders and Borrowers

The key to having success with peer-to-peer lending is choosing the right platform to work on. Both borrowers and lenders need to take their time and do their research carefully. Each will want to figure out which peer-to-peer platform is the right one for their needs.

These 6 Business Ideas Are Ideal for Stay-at-Home Moms and Dads

Millions of independent professionals and traditional employees work from home by choice. With so many perks of working just a few feet from where you sleep, it’s a wonder everyone doesn’t do it. Of course, stay-at-home moms and dads have less choice in the matter. These 6 stay-at-home business ideas all offer real earning potential. It's possible that any one of them could provide you with enough to replace a full-time income, and then some.

How to Become Self-Employed—and a Business Idea for Londoners

Do you have a dream to become self-employed? Do you want to be your own boss? Do you think you’d be great at being a business owner? If so, read on. There are lots of things to consider, and we give you some tips here. And if you live in London, do we ever have an idea for you!

Combine An MBA With A Masters Of Finance And Soar Beyond The Competition

In today's competitive business climate, the minimum bar for skills, degrees, and accreditations is always rising. Students are working harder than ever to gain...

Fixed Deposits for Best Returns: Choosing the Right Company

Fixed deposits have always been popular with consumers due to the several benefits that they offer. The underlying financial principle is simple: Place your...

No Wedding Is Complete Without A Car Decoration Kit

If you're getting married in Israel, Haponpon (for English, go here) has all you will need to decorate your car. If you're located...

New Small Biz Loans Approved In ‘Minutes’

The Small Business Administration announced two new lending initiatives aimed at getting relatively modest loans to small businesses quickly, according to a story at...

Show Me The Money

They call America the land of opportunity, but few would question the notion that it is also the land of contrasts. Mint.com reports that all...