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What Are the Benefits of Becoming an Independent Freight Agent?

What are the benefits of being an independent freight agent? For one thing, you have greater control of your schedule. Read on for some examples of other advantages you could have.
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Ensure Success In Your Independent Business Venture

Going it on your own and pursuing an independent business venture or passion project can be an exciting and liberating way of building your income and making money. However, there are some pitfalls you need to watch out for when going solo. Here are some things to consider.

Some Tips for Independent Contractors Working on Construction Sites

Independent contractors who work on major construction sites have a great deal to manage with regard to their business.

How to Become an Independent Investment Advisor

Perhaps you’re one of those people who has shown a knack in the past for choosing investments that are profitable. As a matter of fact, your investments outperform whatever market they might inhabit. If that is the case, there is a good chance that you’ve been able to make a pretty penny from such activities. But there is another way to benefit from this expertise as well. That is, you could become an independent investment advisor.
Start a primary health care clinic

How to Start an Independent Primary Healthcare Clinic

While many new medical graduates prefer working for a hospital or firm, others would rather be more independent. Starting a primary health care clinic is a great idea, because it offers a ton of flexibility, independence and plenty of room to grow. If you are considering going this route, you will need to start by doing research on the topic. You must realize that the initial startup will be tough, but with the proper tools and information, you will make your dream a reality. Here we share some tips for starting a primary health care clinic.

Why Independent Salon Owner Made the Switch to Franchisee

Jaime Meyer was an independent salon owner prior to converting his salon to a Splash and Dash.

BizOp: Become a Virtual Independent Contractor

Customer service has evolved in the last few decades. It’s no longer about just answering questions from a cubicle in a call center.

We Are Almost Energy Independent

Don't believe the naysayers. Energy independence is almost here. The infographic is via Bloomberg Business Week who add: New drilling techniques unlocked...

Sustainability in Business: 3 Key Benefits for Independent Ventures

While the concept of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is commonly associated with large scale businesses, its unique features are most compatible with smaller ventures....

We Are Almost Energy Independent

Don't believe the naysayers. Energy independence is almost here. The infographic is via Bloomberg Business Week who add: New drilling techniques unlocked...

Niche Biz: Independent Organic Charcuteries

Charcuterie is the branch of cooking devoted to prepared meat products such as bacon, ham, sausage, “lunch meat”, etc. It is also the...

Invention Helps Disabled Kids Move Independently

Springwise: Researchers at the Polytechnic University in Tokyo have developed the Magic Carpet, a machine that enables young children with walking problems to experience moving...

Planet Fitness Franchisees Form Independent Association

Club Industry: Franchisees of Planet Fitness announced it has formed an independent association. Meanwhile, Planet Fitness corporate headquarters says it will form a second franchisee...

Swimart Waives Joining Fee For Independent Pool Stores

Franchise.net.au: Australian pool and spa specialist Swimart is offering independent pool stores the opportunity to join the Swimart group at no cost. ...

Plight Of The Independents

QSRMagazine: In August, the NPD Group released its annual tally of U.S. restaurant closures, and the study proved a sobering reminder of the challenges independent...

Reliable Independent Living Services Announces Fourth Franchisee

Newswire Today: RILS provides consultation, assessment, modification and installation services to both residential and commercial customers and helps people with disabilities and seniors with mobility...

West Coast Regional Independent Inventors Conference

The United States Patent and Trademark Office and Invent Now will hold a west coast regional conference at Pasadena City College on August 12-13....

Jobs At Risk In Grocery War, Warns Independent Supermarket Chief

Franchising.net.au: Australia’s supermarket industry faces losing up to 40,000 jobs if the grocery war continues, according to Fred Harrison, CEO of independently owned licensed supermarket...

Metcash And Campbells Wholesale Help Out Store Independent

Franchising.net.au: An independently owned convenience store re-opened in Grantham after the devastating Lockyer Valley floods has been given a helping hand by a national distributor,...

Bobbie Singh-Allen Heads New Nat’l Independent Lodging Group

San Leandro India West: The Independent Lodging Industry Association was officially launched nationally this month and named Bobbie Singh-Allen to serve as its executive director. The...