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The Entrepreneur’s Source Encourages Individuals To Be Confident In Business Ownership

Franchising.com: According to articles posted on business sites discussing job trends of the future, tomorrow's employers will put a premium on skilled and semi-skilled workers,...

FranchiseKnowHow, LLC Publishes: The Franchise Buyers Manual, A Comprehensive Guide For Individuals Interested In...

PR Web: FranchiseKnowHow announced the release of The Franchise Buyers Manual for people considering purchasing a franchise. Individuals can use the manual to learn about...

NationWide Cleaners Announces Alluring Franchising Options For UK Individuals

Newsbycompany: Nationwide Cleaners comes up with unique concept of professionally managed franchisee cleaning service around UK. With its head office at Sussex, this particular cleaning...

Franchising, Togetherness And Individualism

Franchising.net.au: Togetherness is a beautiful thing. It is indeed an essential element of a meaningful relationship. But, in the wise words of Khalil Gibran, often...

How Could Facebook Empower Individual Entrepreneurs?

Fast Company reports that Facebook will enable more people to start and run their own businesses, according to a new study from Sweden's Uppsala...

Biz Buzz: Corporate Finance Executive Sets Sights On Individuals

Richmond Times Dispatch: After a career handling finances for major corporations, David Gentry has turned his attention to individuals. The Henrico County businessman recently opened a...

Meal Assembly Service The Dinner A’Fare Enters Prince George’s County Targeting Busy Families And...

Newswire Today: The Dinner A'Fare is a gourmet studio kitchen with meal prep stations complete with recipes, fresh ingredients, spices, and measuring cups and spoons....

Work At Home United Helps Motivated Individuals Succeed In Direct Sales

For anyone with a limited budget that is hoping to start a side business, direct sales can be an inviting opportunity. Especially at...

Seven Tax Tips for Businesses and Self-Employed Individuals

The following guest post is by Bernard B. Kamoroff, C.P.A. and is excerpted from the 2009 Edition of Mr. Kamoroff's book 422 Tax Deductions...

Small, Individual, Creative Efforts Change the World

Don Boudreaux writing on Cafe Hayek:Almost every one of the goods and services that are routine in modern, commercial society is the result of...
consumer virtual reality - featured image

A Brief History of Consumer Virtual Reality

We take a brief look back at how consumer virtual reality has evolved from cumbersome cinematic machines to the small head-mounted displays we revel in today.
peer-to-peer - featured image

Powerful Strategies for Peer-to-Peer Marketing

Peer-to-peer marketing, often abbreviated P2P, is the practice of customers engaging other customers through recommendations. It is effective because when consumers are deciding to buy a product or service, 93% of them trust their friends, families, and colleagues over other influences.

What to Look For When Buying a Gaming Keyboard

In the gaming world, keyboards are just as important as a computer mouse. When you're about to purchase a new keyboard, it's important to think about how it will be used and what type of gamer you are-casual or hardcore.
sales crew - featured image

How to Recruit and Train an All-Star Sales Crew

A critical factor in your organization’s success is your ability to effectively recruit and train a stellar sales crew. However, recruiting managers often mishandle this process and it becomes a massive time drain. Learn here how Attention dramatically improves this process.
Cold Emails

How to Use Cold Emails to Grow Your Small Business

Is it effective to send cold emails and is it worth the effort? Yes, developing a mailing list is one of the most effective methods for increasing growth for your small business. Here's how.
organizational structures - featured image

Types of Organizational Structures in Business

This blog post explores the four most common types of business structures: functional, product line, matrix, and project-based. We also discuss what each type entails and how it can help your organization succeed.
voluntary carbon - featured image

Voluntary Carbon Markets: Eddie Listorti Outlines the Opportunities

Voluntary carbon markets offer enormous business opportunities that counter the massive challenge of climate change. Eddie Listorti, CEO of Viridios Capital, explains here.
Cryptocurrency Exchange

How to Start a Cryptocurrency Exchange Business

In today's economy, cryptocurrency continues to develop and flourish. What if you were to establish your own cryptocurrency exchange? Let's review the advantages this type of business can bring you.
SEO Tips

9 Great SEO Tips for Your Small Business

Effective SEO strategy will help increase traffic to your site. This is absolutely necessary if you own a online business. Here are nine SEO tips your small business needs to implement today.
working from home - featured image

Thinking About Working from Home? Here’s What to Consider

Have you been offered a position in which you could be working at home, whether full-time, part-time, or freelance? Before you send out that acceptance letter, there are a couple of things to consider.