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How Employees’ Financial Wellbeing Impacts Your Business

While mental health is important, employees’ financial situation is equally as important not only for their wellbeing but also for the prosperity of your company. Having poor mental health and financial wellbeing can have a serious impact on the productivity of employees.
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Top 5 Financial Companies Doing It Right

Banks and financial companies face high expectations. Whether for their businesses or their individual needs, people need to know their funds are safe. But they also want the best deals and most convenient options on the market. Check out these five financial institutions that are doing things the right way.

The Best Business Books for Students Who Want to Be Financially Literate

Regardless of your discipline in college, you cannot do without financial literacy. Therefore, you need to know about and read the business books we will introduce you to in this post.
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Financial Web Apps: The 4 Main Challenges of Functional Testing

Today, 63% of Americans use financial web apps to check their balance or carry out a transaction. This prominence of financial web apps can be used to offer superior customer service. Moreover, these apps boost engagement and loyalty. Developing a financial web app, however, comes with specific challenges that must be adequately addressed. Therefore, functional testing of financial web apps is integral to the delivery of a quality product.
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Budgeting Apps Can Be Your Best Financial Advisor

Whether for business or for personal reasons, budgeting your money shows a sense of responsibility for putting your finances on the right track. But if you feel you need a little help, check out the budgeting apps we describe in this post. Any one of them will empower you to manage your finances more easily.

Understanding the Ins and Outs of Execution in the Financial Markets

Technological advances have automated most executions in the financial markets today, including those in the Forex market, making trades easier, faster, and more accurate.

When Is the Right Time to Teach Kids Financial Skills?

The following is a guest post by Rudy DeFelice. As a father of three and founder of Kidworth, Rudy DeFelice is familiar with the issue...
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When Is the Right Time to Teach Kids Financial Skills?

When is The Right Time to Teach Kids Financial Skills? Kidworth.com believes it is never too soon and they have a method to help you...

FranchiseKnowHow, LLC Publishes: The Franchise Buyers Manual, A Comprehensive Guide For Individuals Interested In...

PR Web: FranchiseKnowHow announced the release of The Franchise Buyers Manual for people considering purchasing a franchise. Individuals can use the manual to learn about...

Biz Buzz: Corporate Finance Executive Sets Sights On Individuals

Richmond Times Dispatch: After a career handling finances for major corporations, David Gentry has turned his attention to individuals. The Henrico County businessman recently opened a...

Diamond Financial, Bruegger’s Enterprises, Inc. Launch Financing Prequalification Program

24-7PressRelease.com: America's tight credit market has given potential entrepreneurs and franchisees a cause for concern, but Bruegger's Enterprises, Inc. (Bruegger's) may have found a solution....

How To Identify And Deal With A Financially Troubled Franchisee

The Metropolitan Coporate Counsel: Franchisors dealing with financially distressed franchisees will find that three maxims generally hold true: an out-of-court work-out is usually preferable to...
Cryptocurrency Exchange

How to Start a Cryptocurrency Exchange Business

In today's economy, cryptocurrency continues to develop and flourish. What if you were to establish your own cryptocurrency exchange? Let's review the advantages this type of business can bring you.
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Should You Invest in a Bitcoin IRA? Daniel Calugar Breaks It Down

One of the most common ways to save for retirement is through an Individual Retirement Account or IRA. Today, you can purchase Bitcoin IRA funds that allow you to invest in cryptocurrency for your retirement.
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Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim?

Dealing with a wrongful death is upsetting and devastating. But the law has restrictions on who can bring such a claim. Read on to find out more.
Power of Attorney

Why Every Business Should Have a Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is an important piece of document that legally appoints and allows an agent or attorney to make decisions on the principal’s behalf. It has certain authority if the principal becomes incapacitated and allows their business operations to run uninterrupted.
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Online Banking and the Customer Experience: 6 Top Features

Banks that want to stay competitive must provide quick, secure, and convenient digital access for their customers. Here are the top five features to integrate in an online banking service.
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7 Tips to Prep Your Small Business for the Holidays

The holidays are just around the corner and savvy small business owners have been preparing well in advance for the season. We’ve put together seven tips to get your small business ready for a successful holiday season. Let’s dive in!
Car Loan

What You Need to Know Before Applying for a Car Loan

Cars are considered essential assets in today's world, especially for business owners. However, before you apply for a car loan, here's what you need to know to ensure a smooth process.

Dividing Business Assets When Going Through a Divorce

When a marriage ends in divorce, the division of assets can be one of the most contentious steps. Moreover, when there is a business involved, it can be even more difficult to manage. This article will focus on how business assets are divided in a divorce and what factors may affect this division.