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Get Your Audience Involved in Your Presentation

A presentation should never be one-sided. Instead, a good presentation is a conversation between you and your audience. There are many possible interactive elements you can use. It's all about finding the right one for your presentation.

Direct and Indirect Costs Involved in Workplace Accidents

Accidents are among the worst things that can happen at your workplace. Things can be even worse if you are running a workplace that is especially dangerous. For example, if the work space you are running is in a warehouse, the likelihood of a workplace injury is higher than if you were running an office. That’s why it’s important to follow some business safety tips. Whenever there's an accident in the workplace, there are indirect and direct costs to your business. Keep reading to educate yourself about these costs.

What to Do If Your Company Car Is Involved in an Accident

If your company requires a car or a fleet of cars in order to conduct its business, sooner or later one of your company’s vehicles could be involved in an automobile accident. What should you do when this happens? The information you’ll find here will provide some guidance for you.

The 5 Best Franchises to Get Involved With in 2015

Might this be the year that you open your own gym? Or how about joining the food biz?

Franchise Involves 200 Coffee Shops

Manila Bulletin: Vietnamese and Filipino firms are forging a $25-million franchise agreement for the establishment of 200 coffee shops around the country. Based on the memorandum...

Figaro Says Not Involved In Pagcor Coffee Deal

ABS CBN News: Figaro Coffee Systems Inc. distanced itself from the controversy involving state-run casino operator Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. (Pagcor) and one of...

What Costs Are Involved For Ella Bache Franchisees?

Franchising.net.au: Ella Bache prides itself on having a franchise model which fully supports its salon owners and therapists, helping franchisees to grow into successful business...

Buying Into A Franchise Involves Lots Of Homework

Hartford Business: Franchising pairs an entrepreneurial investor with a business that’s proven it can succeed. But it can be as hard to find a good...

Play N Trade Franchisee Uses Community Involvement In Courtenay, British Columbia To Ensure Success

PRLog.Org: Play N Trade Franchise, Inc, the largest video game franchise worldwide is excited to announce that franchisee Justin White will open his second store...

WAHMs Are Staying Involved

Daily Dispatch Online: Momtrepreneurs are a new breed of stay-at-home moms who bring income into the household coffers while still having the time to cheer...

Get Involved Today To Help Defeat Anti-Worker Legislation

SmartBrief: The passage of the "Employee Free-Choice Act" would decisively end a worker's right to a secret-ballot election when deciding whether to form a union....
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How to Use Tech to Make Money in Your Free Time

A full-time job offers a steady salary, and it also gives you evenings and weekends to do your own thing. You could use this time to start a new venture and advance your career. Here are a few ways you can make your money in your free time.
organizational structures - featured image

Types of Organizational Structures in Business

This blog post explores the four most common types of business structures: functional, product line, matrix, and project-based. We also discuss what each type entails and how it can help your organization succeed.

How to Manage Mobile App Development Costs the Right Way

Gadgets enable businesses to influence potential buyers through handy mobile applications. Even the most basic effort of streamlining support and transactions via an app results in great benefits nowadays. Here are a few tips to manage costs the right way.
SEO Tips

9 Great SEO Tips for Your Small Business

Effective SEO strategy will help increase traffic to your site. This is absolutely necessary if you own a online business. Here are nine SEO tips your small business needs to implement today.

6 Benefits Hiring an HR Consultant Can Bring Your Business

It is just as essential to take care of your staff as it is to take care of your customers and clients. Hiring an HR consultant can help you accomplish this for your business. Here are six ways a consultant can simplify this process.

Office Furniture: How to Pick the Best Pieces For Your Space

Are you trying to find the right furniture to meet the needs of your business? If so, you will probably see there are plenty of options available. Here are a few tips to consider to help you pick the best pieces for your business.
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5 Mistakes Construction Project Managers Must Avoid

Are you managing a construction project and want to ensure you don’t make any blunders? Read this article to learn about five common mistakes a construction project manager should avoid.
interview questions - featured image

Top 5 Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

Excited to land that dream job by nailing the interview? Discover the most common interview questions and learn how to answer them.
professional network - featured image

Growing Your Professional Network

Once the initial euphoria of being a business owner fades, you’ll realize it’s a lonely journey. Only a strong professional network can offer you the advice and support you need to overcome the challenges of running a company.