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Small Business Lending Options for 2015

Lending money to start-ups and expanding businesses isn't just for big intimidating banks anymore. In fact, small business owners looking for a loan have...
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What Is Securities-Backed Lending?

If a business opportunity has recently come your way but you do not have the cash to take advantage of it, you may want to consider securities-backed lending. This is a good solution for those who are asset-rich but cash-poor.
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Top 9 Financing Options for Your Startup

Getting the right financing strategy is a vital component in starting your business and keeping it on track. That’s why it’s wise to know about the different financing options and understand when they might come into play. Here is an overview of nine startup financing options to be aware of.
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Alternative Lending: Some Common Misconceptions

Like anything new and unfamiliar, some misconceptions plague the alternative lending industry. Our goal in this article is to address these misconceptions and invite more confidence in the industry.

Franchisors Look To Decipher New Lending ‘Paradigm’

IndUS Business Journal: The franchise industry has typically benefited from downturns because many professionals turn to it for new career options. Industry insiders expect the...
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Crowdfunding Your Business Idea: What Works?

If you have a marketable idea for a business and have a game plan, crowdfunding can be your best bet to get it off the ground.

Need a Small Business Loan? Try an Online Lender

As a small business owner, have you had to pull cash and credit from every available source just to keep your business up and running? If so, you’re not alone.

Did You Know That You Could Receive A Personal Line Of Credit From A...

When looking to improve your financial situation, one thing you can consider is applying for a personal line of credit. A personal line of...

Making Finance Work For Franchising

Food Week: The basics of applying for finance You’ve got to start off with a basic business plan before applying for finance. It will be a...
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Nexo Review: The Good, the Bad, and Whether It Is Safe

Nexo, a blockchain environment for crypto lending, has gained popularity in recent years. How good are its services, and can you trust it? Find the answers in our review.

Choosing a Bank: 3 Main Factors Corporate Clients Consider

In recent times, corporations from all over the world have begun reevaluating their relationships with their bank. Furthermore, a considerable number have reported an increased dissatisfaction. Let's review the main factors clients consider before choosing a bank.

How To Start a Coffee Shop

Have you ever thought about how great it would be to open up your own coffee shop? It is an exciting business...
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Top-Rated Jurong East Money Lenders in Singapore

Do you live in or around Jurong East and need quick cash without the hassle? Use our guide to find the best legal money lender in Jurong East.
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5 Tips for Building a Better Medical Practice

If you want to build a successful medical practice, there are dozens of moving parts that you must manage in tandem with one another. Learning how to focus your energy on the right tasks and make strategic investments in the areas that matter most will yield the best results.
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No Bank Account? 6 Types of Loans for You

Most lenders require their customers to have a bank account. Especially for online lenders, that’s important. One of the reasons is that the lender needs to transfer deposits to their borrowers. But what if you need emergency cash and you have no bank account? What then?
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9 Great Cryptocurrency Business Ideas

Cryptocurrencies are still new, exciting, and full of growth and opportunity. Now is the best time to explore any ideas you may have about starting a cryptocurrency business. In an exploding digital economy, digital currencies will become more significant than ever.
Types of Loans

5 Types of Loans to Consider and How They Work

With many different financing options available from banks, you’ll need to know which type of loan is best for your needs. Learn about five different types of loans and how they work.
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Can’t Afford Your Installment Loan Payments? What You Can Do

Perhaps pre-pandemic you took out a loan in order to take advantage of a promising business opportunity. But then the economy started to slip and your business income dropped off, too. Suddenly can no longer afford the loan payments. Here are some suggestions that can help you get back on track and keep your business afloat.
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Take Control of the 5 C’s of Credit Before You Borrow

Nowadays, taking out a loan is almost inevitable, at least once in your life. To better your chances of getting the loan you need at the rate you deserve, take control of the five C's of credit.
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Starting a Business? You’re Going to Need Technology

Technology is a small-business owner’s best friend. In fact, the right technology will make it possible for your small business to be in direct competition with its larger competitors. Here is a short list of some of the technology you'll need for starting your small business.