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Backlinks Are the Lifeblood of Your SEO Strategy

Website owners who rank high for competitive keywords say they owe their results to aggressive link building. While not everyone agrees, if you don’t hold onto backlinks as the foundation of your SEO strategy, you have slim chance of ranking your site.
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7 Business Benefits of Using Online Appointment Scheduling

If you want to retain more customers, provide the best experience by using online appointment scheduling. Here are seven business benefits of using online appointment scheduling.
Cash Flow Forecast

Cash Flow Forecast: What Business Owners Need to Know

Cash flow is the livelihood of any business. Follow this guide to learn why you should be utilizing a cash flow forecast to help you manage your business's spending and profits.
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DIY Website or a Professional Design: Which Is Better?

Every company needs an online identity. This means your company needs social media accounts and a good logo. In addition, you’ll need a great website. But who should develop your website? Must you hire a professional web design company? Or would a DIY website do the trick?
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Complaints Heard Here: How to Complain Online

At one time or another, almost everyone has had a complaint about a business transaction. Whatever your current complaint, there are actions you can take. But what should you do when you have a complaint?
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Working Capital: A Guide for Online Sellers

Most marketplace sellers don’t fully understand the concept of working capital, and their businesses are vulnerable as a result. In this post, we look at the topic in depth. We also suggest some simple but effective processes you can implement to better organize and control your working capital.
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Keeping Records of CRM Pipeline Sales Leads to Success

CRM is an acronym for "customer relationship management." The term "pipeline sales" refers where your customers are in the buying process. What do CRM and pipeline sales have in common? And how can you use these tools to learn more about your business? Keep reading to find out.
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Affordable Ways to Start a Successful Business

If you want to start a successful business you first need to come up with a solution to a problem the people in your target audience have. Here are some other things to think about if you want to start a successful business of your own.
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Spinning Articles Will Boost Your SEO

A cost-effective way to generate a greater amount of useful and original content is to "spin" existing articles. Learn about spinning articles by reading here.
boost traffic

7 Marketing Tactics to Boost Traffic to Your Site

For any online business, traffic is paramount. If you want to drive traffic to your site, then starting a blog is a must. Once that’s up and running, here are seven more ways to boost traffic via various channels of marketing.
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Get a Killer Ecommerce Site with BigCommerce and WordPress

Starting a new ecommerce business is exciting. However, it's difficult to know the best way to set up your online shop. Here are our recommendations for making a killer ecommerce site that sets your business up for success.
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5 Key Things All New Startups Need

If you're the owner of a startup, you're learning new things and charting new territory every single day. Read here to learn about five major things new startups need right off the bat.

Love Animals? Improve These 5 Aspects of Your Veterinary Business

You have studied and worked hard to become a qualified veterinarian. The next step in your journey is enhancing your reputation and building your veterinary business. So view this as your ongoing challenge and give it your regular attention.

Crowdsourcing: What You Should Know About It and How You Can Use It

If you're up against a wall in your business, consider going to the crowd and asking your customers for advice. In other words, if you know you need some outside inspiration, crowdsourcing could open up a whole new world for you and your business.

Start Your Own Home-Based Telephone Answering Service

Are you looking at setting up an easy-to-run business from home with very little start-up money? Then consider starting one of the most lucrative and in-demand businesses: a home-based telephone answering service.
business lawyer

Retain a Business Lawyer: This Is Essential for Your Business Success

A good business lawyer is crucial to your startup's success. Every business must address legal issues from the very beginning. For example, a business lawyer can help you to answer questions regarding your business formation, registration, taxes, contracts, investments, and copyrights. Here we discuss some of the ways a business lawyer will help your company.

5 Tips for More Efficient Warehouse Operations

Efficiency is a top concern of any business with an onsite warehouse or distribution center. To keep customers happy and remain profitable, your warehouse needs to operate with no significant hitches. While it's easier said than done, you can implement some simple tactics to help your warehouse run with less friction and greater output.
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Your Customers Are the Key to Expanding Your Business

As a business owner, you know only too well that without your customers, your business would grind to a halt. Your customers are your business's lifeblood. You also know that the key to improving your bottom line is expanding your business. Depending on the nature of your business, expansion could mean opening new stores in multiple locations or adding new products or services to your current offerings. However, regardless of your expansion strategy, one thing remains constant: Your customers make expansion possible.

The Importance of Providing Perks for Your Employees

Just as important as choosing great employees is the ability to lure them into the fold. And, once employed, small business owners must then find a way to keep their best employees at the company for as long as possible. This is not an easy task. Other companies will likely try to poach star employees away. What's more, salary and benefits occasionally might not be enough. That’s why small business owners are always looking for different perks to ensure that their staff is the best it can possibly be.
fun activities

15 Fun Activities You Can Do with Your Employees

Midwinter is the season for fun activities, so plan some enjoyable entertainments for your office staff during the holidays. While you might not have the budget for some of the activity ideas on this list, that's okay. Get creative with the budget you do have, because it won't be any fun if you have to be miserly about it.