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How to Raise Funds for Growing Your Small Business

How to Raise Funds for Growing Your Small Business

Despite continuing economic uncertainty for consumers, there has never been a better time to think about growing your small business. But where should you be looking for funding?
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Nexo Review: The Good, the Bad, and Whether It Is Safe

Nexo, a blockchain environment for crypto lending, has gained popularity in recent years. How good are its services, and can you trust it? Find the answers in our review.
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Working Capital: A Guide for Online Sellers

Most marketplace sellers don’t fully understand the concept of working capital, and their businesses are vulnerable as a result. In this post, we look at the topic in depth. We also suggest some simple but effective processes you can implement to better organize and control your working capital.
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4 Trends to Watch for in Credit Card Companies

For credit card companies, little stands in the way of success in online delivery and customer experience. In fact, four major trends are in the cards for the coming months. Some of them could significantly and positively benefit consumers, but others are less promising.
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How Do Installment Agreements Work?

If you search the Internet for a brief description of installment agreements, you might be confused by articles that refer to "installment loans." In this post, we try to provide some clarity about what, exactly, an installment agreement is.
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Manage Your Finances and Stay Debt-Free with These Tips

It can be difficult to stay debt-free when you're running a small business. However, you don't need to be a financial expert to control your finances. Use a bit of common sense along with some simple money management tips, and you can learn to live within your means. You'll be better off financially as you learn to grow your business and your money simultaneously. Here we share a few tips that can help.

FTC Halts Bogus Business Opportunity Scheme

The defendants, who began operating as “Money Now Funding,” tried to avoid detection by law enforcement by changing product names, office locations and merchant identities.

Merchant Cash Advances Work

photo credit: AMagill Business’ that are having trouble getting bank loans or line’s of credit that they usually qualify for do have other options....

Making Hard Times Work For Your Biz

The New York Times: Times are tough, and now, especially, every small business is looking for ways to increase efficiency and cut costs. Overtime, the office...