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Proper Care and Maintenance of Windows

Business owners who own their own buildings must ensure to maintain their windows. The owner’s maintenance of windows not only affects the building’s aesthetics, but it also ensures the security of the property. Here are some of the basic tasks for cleaning windows.
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Lawn Care and Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Lawn

Attract more walk-in customers to your business by maintaining a beautiful commercial lawn. Follow the lawn care suggestions here to ensure your commercial lawn remains attractive all year.
predictive maintenance

The Importance of Predictive Maintenance in Manufacturing

Manufacturers utilize predictive maintenance to keep on top of their equipment and production. Learn how this state-of-the-art method can assist you.
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Business Vehicles: Their Care and Maintenance

Most adults know how to buy, insure, store, maintain, and service their personal cars and trucks. However, when it comes to business use, the rules are different. Here’s a quick rundown of what every business owner should know about business vehicles.
commercial roofing maintenance

Avoid Costly Repairs with Commercial Roofing Maintenance

Roof maintenance is generally not a top priority for most small business owners. This can even be the case if they own the building that houses their business. However, waiting until a serious problem or leak happens can end up being more costly than routine maintenance. Therefore, it's always better to find and fix problems while they are still small. On the other hand, minor problems are not so easy to recognize. Therefore, regular commercial roofing maintenance is essential.
CMMS software

CMMS Software Improves Both Safety and Maintenance Processes in Your Facility

A computerized maintenance management system, or CMMS software, will not only boost your maintenance operations but will also improve safety in your facility. Following are some of the ways in which CMMS software will improve your operations.
building maintenance business

7 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Building Maintenance Business

A great amount of dedication is required to start your own building maintenance business. Being unprepared is the worst thing you can do. This will delay company progression and damage its reputation. However, when you get it right, you will be on the path to a secure financial future. Here, we look at the basic factors of starting a building maintenance business and suggest seven questions to ask yourself. We discuss why these factors are important and what to consider for future success.

The Importance of Proper Office Maintenance

Most people can relate to the feelings of organization and satisfaction that come from having a clean home, so it shouldn’t come as a...

Deck Maintenance Little Rock Expert Named Franchisee Of The Year

Emailwire: Residents in Little Rock trust the award-winning deck maintenance experts with Wood Re New. Jack Bowen, owner of Wood Re New in Little Rock...

Former Real Estate & Construction Manager Turns HandyPro Entrepreneur; Provides Summer Maintenance ‘Tips’

news Stories: Andy Rathke, former commercial and residential real estate and construction executive, traded his business suit for a logo-ed uniform to operate a HandyPro,...

Deck Maintenance Cleaning Is Booming In Little Rock

BigNews.biz: Jack Bowen owns and operates Wood Re New of Central Arkansas, specializing in cleaning and sealing decks, fences, wood siding, log cabins and all...

Miami Air International Signs EcoPower Engine Wash & Line Maintenance Services Agreement With Pratt...

CNNMoney.com: Miami Air International signed an exclusive five-year agreement to use Pratt & Whitney's EcoPower®(1) engine wash services on its fleet of B737 CFM56®(2) engines...

7-Eleven(R) Inks Deal With FM Facility Maintenance For Store Maintenance Program

PR Newswire: 7-Eleven, Inc. has selected FM Facility Maintenance to handle all store maintenance for its 6,200+ corporate- and franchise-owned locations in both the US...

Hire A Hubby Property Maintenance Franchise Opportunity

The Franchise Magazine: One of Australia's most successful property maintenance franchises Hire A Hubby Property Maintenance is now in the UK presenting an attractive opportunity...

Bison IT Offers A “Solution” To Computer Maintenance

When you run a business, you need your computer to run smoothly. The more computers you have, the more daunting that task can...

DUCTZ Indoor Air Professionals Stresses Importance Of Dryer Vent Maintenance In Preventing Home Fires

Franchising.com: Fire prevention week is October 5-11 and DUCTZ Indoor Air Professionals is urging consumers to help protect their families and homes from the danger...
Regular Bike or E-Bike: Which Is Better for a Delivery Service?

Regular Bike or E-Bike: Which Is Better for a Delivery Business?

Many people who make local deliveries use bicycles to make their rounds. Some who are just getting started are wondering whether they should they buy a regular bike or an e-bike. If this describes you, the article here can help with your decision-making.
How to Build Your Startup Technology Stack: 6 Considerations

How to Build Your Startup Technology Stack: 6 Considerations

Building a tech stack is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make as an early-stage startup. By the end of this post, you'll have a clear idea of how to move forward with building your startup technology stack.
Is My Husband Entitled to Half My Business If We Divorce?

Is My Husband Entitled to Half My Business If We Divorce?

Divorce can be a complicated process where dividing finances are concerned. This is especially true when one party owns a company. We take a look at how you can protect your business if your marriage breaks down.
Software Development: Essential Technology for a Successful Enterprise

Software Development: Essential Technology for a Successful Enterprise

Since our world has been completely computerized, well-designed software is a key ingredient of any successful business venture. Proper software development will help you achieve your commercial goals more constructively, more quickly, and with lower investments of money and effort.