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Effective Fleet Management Techniques to Cut City Spending

In lean and difficult economic conditions, cities look to reduce operating costs, including their fleet budgets. According to Networkfleet.com, effective Fleet Management techniques decrease...
Conflict Management

What Is Conflict Management in the Workplace?

Every business owner wants their team to get along and work together effectively. Unfortunately, there are cases where conflicts arise when your team is working closely together. Let's review a few conflict management techniques to solve any issues that may arise.

5 Advantages of Using a Learning Management System

No matter the organization or the industry, there is always room for growth and learning. More businesses are implementing a learning management system into their environment, helping employees develop essential skills for the job.
strategic business management

Strategic Business Management Degree: Is It Worth It?

It is imperative that businesses focus on internal workforce development to meet the latest economic trends. Strategic business management is the answer.
project management - feature

Considering a Career in Project Management? Read This First

If you enjoy organizing and managing, procuring and leading, project management may well be a great career choice for you. And if you're the owner of a small business, keep reading. Project management training is ideal for CEO's, because project managers and CEO's face many of the same challenges.

The Benefits of Inventory Management with CMMS Software

Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) can help improve efficiency of maintenance departments of all sizes. In a nutshell, it prevents the occurrence of maintenance issues that lead to costly repairs. This puts emphasis where it belongs—on proactive maintenance, rather than on reactive maintenance. This type of approach reduces maintenance costs and ensures equipment is kept in good order. Overall, there are several benefits to inventory management with CMMS software.

Online Reputation Management: Make Your Online Business Outshine Competitors

The following is a guest post. Appearing on the first page of the Google search results is counted as a striking mark in the success...

Why Franchises Should Practice Reputation Management

Blue MauMau: Although it is normally up to corporate to do advertising and to keep the company's overall reputation positive, franchisees are also responsible for...

Trade Like a Jedi: Words of Wisdom from a Galaxy Far, Far Away

When it comes to trading it can be tempting to reach for the stars and make foolish forex trading decisions on a whim. But this can be disastrous. To avoid catastrophic losses and protect your capital, it’s essential to respect the volatility of the markets and implement good risk management techniques. So, with this in mind, here’s a cheeky little preview of how to trade forex like a Jedi.

More Companies Claiming R&D Tax Credits Than Ever Before

R&D tax credits are not just for companies working in scientific industries, such as robotics or pharmaceuticals. If your company is working on advancements in any field of science or technology, you may be eligible for R&D tax relief. As long as your R&D work involves resolving scientific or technological uncertainties, it will most likely qualify. While the article here is specific to the UK, R&D tax credits are available in more than 40 countries around the world. Could you be missing out? Read on to find out more.

Aziz Hashim: Franchisees Should Be Equal To Franchisors

Blue MauMau: Franchisee Aziz Hashim, a recipient of franchise awards and a well-known leader in the industry, speaks about what a good franchisor leader looks...

FranchiseProcess Helps Prospective Franchise Owners Launch Their Dream Business Right And Well; Franchises Successfully...

PR Web: FranchiseProcess, LLC, a new entrant in the franchise industry, today officially launched its socially engaged lead management solution. FranchiseProcess.com enables a franchise prospect...

Orkin Hosts Conference For Middle Eastern Franchise Owners

PCT Magazine: Orkin, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rollins, Inc., recently hosted a conference for its Middle Eastern franchise owners to provide sales and marketing updates...

What's Hot in Organic Beauty? YOGA Magazine Chooses Softress Fragrance-free Body Oils

PRWeb: Softress fragrance-free and chemical-free body oils for chemically sensitive skin (http://www.softress.com) are featured in this month's YOGA Magazine special section, "What's Hot in Organic...
prescriptive analytics - featured image

Prescriptive Analytics: Make the Most of Your Business

Prescriptive analytics uses data mining and mathematical optimization techniques to provide decision support to business users. Let's look at how this field of analytics can help your business.
testing - featured image

Are You Regularly Testing Your Company’s Anti-Hacking Tools?

From antivirus to firewalls, businesses have what it takes to protect their organizations. But are you testing your company's anti-hacking tools ongoingly to make sure they really work?
search engine ranking - featured image

9 Tools and Tactics to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

Search engine ranking is your number-one headache if you have a blog or an online store. Read the article here to learn about some simple tools and tactics to improve your search engine ranking.
agile consultant - featured image

Let an Agile Consultant Help You Transform Your Business

An Agile consultant can help you and your team better understand Agile methods, leading to business transformation and maximizing project results.
healthcare data - featured image

Integrating and Managing Healthcare Data: The New Frontier

There has been an explosion of data in the modern world, and data in the healthcare industry is no exception. Fortunately, with the integration of data, organizations can become better able to deliver a greater level of accessible care.
attack surfaces - featured image

5 Ways to Reduce an Organization’s Attack Surfaces

Attack surfaces are all the different points where unauthorized or adversarial access can happen. This article illustrates the ways attack surfaces become unnecessarily large and what an organization can do to control them.