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Are Energy-Efficient Windows Worth the Investment?

Better energy efficiency aligns with advocacies and legislation about protecting the Earth. Here, we look into the cost benefits of energy-efficient windows.
Tips for Enhancing Conference Rooms

Tips for Enhancing Your Conference Rooms

Conference rooms bring together a team to chart company plans. Therefore, these rooms should be as comfortable and technologically integrated as possible.
eco-friendly home

How to Have an Eco-Friendly Home

If, like so many others these days, you not only live in your home but also work there, having an eco-friendly home is critically important. Let's take a look at how best to do that.
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How to Prevent Mold in the Workplace

Mold infestation in your workplace produces powerful mycotoxins that affect human health. Therefore, you should take all the necessary precautions to prevent mold growth in the workplace.
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Temporary Buildings: Obtaining Planning Permission

In this guide, we talk about the benefits of temporary structures. We also share some handy tips on how to go about obtaining planning permission.
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The Potential Risks of DIY Window Installation

Doing window installation yourself can be risky. You might regret not working with experts to help you out. They know the process well and can guarantee results.
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The Business of Carpentry from Early Times Until Now

Carpentry is a complex and challenging discipline that few master. Whether you’re starting your own woodworking business or you are simply curious about the history of carpentry, let's explore this fascinating craft.
General Liability Insurance

5 Reasons Your Business Needs General Liability Insurance

Lawsuits filed against your business can bankrupt you if you are not careful. Learn five important reasons you need general liability insurance to protect your business as soon as possible.
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How to Boost Your Building’s Energy Efficiency

Commercial buildings have the highest energy demands in the market. And they also account for significant wastage. This means exorbitant costs and lower energy efficiency, which eventually damage your bottom line. What to do? Let’s take a look.
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ContractZen: The Complete Corporate Governance Hub

ContractZen offers a centralized solution that helps companies keep due diligence materials up-to-date. Additionally, everyone in your organization will know how to quickly find business documents and contracts, create virtual data rooms in a matter of a few clicks, and organize fully digital meetings.
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How to Become a Successful Hands-Off Landlord

Although being a landlord can be a full-time job, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s how to generate income as a landlord without having to deal with the daily grind.
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Recruit Top Talent with Groovy Office Design

The CEO’s of today’s most powerful brands recognize the office environment plays a major role in attracting top talent to the company and helping to maintain optimum performance. So, what do members of today's workforce look for in a work environment?
work space

Tips to Build a Private Work Space That Caters to Your Genius

An office isn’t just an office; think of it more as a sacred space for unleashing your creative genius. When your work space is correct, inspiration comes easily and productivity soars. Here’s some advice for creating the perfect spot to do your best work.

How to Achieve Greater Returns on Your Business’s Property Investments

Everyone who buys property does so with several goals in mind, one of which is most likely to make a profit when they sell it. This is true for buyers investing in a home, landlords in buy-to-let purchases and for businesses looking to invest in their own work premises. All too often, however, the projected profit when selling a property doesn’t materialize. As a business owner, you may have invested in your business premises with a strategy in place that includes selling it at a profit one day. What steps can you take to maximize the return on your investment (ROI) from your property?

Tips for Saving Money on Your Construction

Construction projects are not among the list of easy things that one can undertake. We have to consider and manage a lot of things in order to have a successful project. Should you go it alone or hire an experienced contractor? What are some ways to save money?

Simple House Flip Ideas To Make You Money

The real estate market seems to be humming again and many people are looking at home improvement and flipping houses as a way of generating some serious cash again. Read on for tips on how to flip houses to improve your cash flow AND your quality of life.

Orangetheory Fitness Franchise Cost and Information

Orangetheory Fitness has become one of the world's top fitness franchises, with more than 200 open studios in 28 states, and more than 600 franchise licenses awarded in and outside of the United States.

E-Book Author Makes His Business Helping Others Start Theirs

It is often said that when people can't do then they teach. For Craig Wallin it was more along the lines of doing...

Reuse and Recycle: How Architecture is Leading the Way

Every industry is finding ways to work around the economic downturn at the moment, and for some the limitations of budget have produced some...

How to Really Go Paperless

The following post is made possible by support from UPS. Back in 1975, Business Week ran an incredibly cognizant article about the office of the...