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How to Build Lasting Business Relationships

Your business relationships are more important than you might think. This post provides some helpful advice for building better ones.
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Leveraging Big Data to Make Better Business Decisions

Businesses of all sizes are now leveraging big data across a multitude of business processes in order to better guide and manage their companies. Read on to learn how you, too, can make better business decisions by exploiting big data.
Remote Work

5 Organizational Changes Businesses Need for Remote Work

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, there were genuine concerns and palpable fears about what the economy would do. However, many businesses adapted to remote work in order to survive. Here are five types of organizational change your business must implement for success in 2021.

Remote Work Is More Attainable Than You Think

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way many of us shop, work, communicate, and live. Let's discuss the challenges it has created for the work force in 2021 and how to overcome them.
Uncertain Economy

5 Tips to Grow Your Business in an Uncertain Economy

Even in uncertain economies, small companies still must come up with innovative ideas, create unique goods, and devise novel marketing strategies. Use this guide to ensure your business maintains its efficiency.
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Cloud Accounting and Taxation: A New Paradigm

A new synthesis between tax and technology is emerging. Moreover, it is establishing an entirely new taxation paradigm. Enterprise organizations and small businesses alike have enthusiastically embraced this new paradigm, which owes its very existence to cloud accounting.
financial web apps

Financial Web Apps: The 4 Main Challenges of Functional Testing

Today, 63% of Americans use financial web apps to check their balance or carry out a transaction. This prominence of financial web apps can be used to offer superior customer service. Moreover, these apps boost engagement and loyalty. Developing a financial web app, however, comes with specific challenges that must be adequately addressed. Therefore, functional testing of financial web apps is integral to the delivery of a quality product.

Four Careers That Will Always Guarantee You Employment

Perhaps you have recently lost your job or have been looking for a new challenge elsewhere - without much success. Sometimes, it is a good idea to think outside of the box and consider a career where there is always more demand than supply.

Nancy Bigley, CEO of Bottle & Bottega Talks Paint and Wine

Nancy Bigley, CEO of Bottle & Bottega, can't draw a stick figure. Thankfully, her lack of skill, paired with a glass of wine, makes for a fun evening.

5 Things to Consider When Renovating Your Business Premises

You may have invested in a piece of abandoned, run-down property with the intention of making it as your business hub and are thinking...

Infographic: Is Free Shipping Essential?

Free shipping was once a something that could set your online retail business apart, has it become cost of doing business? The infographic...

The Accidental Business Consultant, or Not

The following is a guest post by Karl Walinskas. Question: What is the quickest growing industry in the United States today? Answer: Private Consulting Not only are...