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Offer a Bonus to Bring More Customers Your Way

Are you looking for ways to attract customers and keep them coming back for more? Then try offering a free gift or bonus. You could be happily surprised with the results.

National Pretzel Brand Offers Bonus Pretzel With Purchase Of Three

Trading Markets: Pretzelmaker(R) / Pretzel Time(R) announced today that customers who buy three pretzels will get a fourth pretzel free now through July 27. Both...

‎Earn Up To 20,000 Bonus Priority Club® Points For Summer Travel

IstockAnalyst.com: With the summer vacation season fast approaching, one of the world's largest hotel companies IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group) today announces its latest promotion for...

Stay at the Same Company for 5 Years: $50K Bonus!

What can a small business owner do to ensure that his employees remain committed and loyal to the company? One small business owner...

Pure Romance to Offer Stimulus Packages to Women Interested in Pursuing a New Career

PR Newswire: Pure Romance, the nation's fastest growing in-home direct sales company specializing in romance and relationship enhancement products, will be at the Sheraton in...

Eco-Notes Offers Eco-Friendly Notebooks To College Students At No Charge

Of all the things that college kids use, paper would have to be right at the top of that list. Even in this...

Liberty Tax Offers Recession-Proof Franchise Opportunity

Live-PR.com: Corporate layoffs could soar as much as 37% in 2008, predicts Career Protection, the leading national provider employment negotiations. With movement continuing out of...

Think You Can’t Launch Your Invention During a Recession? Think Again!

The following is a guest post by Joan Lefkowitz. You might think that during times of economic recession consumers are in no mood to experiment...
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Building an Agile Rewards Infrastructure

Increasingly, rewards that aren’t cash-related are more prevalent as companies aim to keep talent while remaining flexible. Here’s what you need to know about building an agile rewards infrastructure.
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The Strongest Approach to Business Job Recruitment

Job recruitment requires a complex strategy to ensure a reliable, trustworthy, and dedicated long-term employee. The job recruitment tips in the article below will ensure you get it right on the first go-round.
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How to Create Conditions for Employee Development

Why does an employee who copes well with their tasks and has the potential for growth leave a company? Quite often, it is because the employee sees few opportunities for career development in their current job.
Motivate Your Employees

6 Simple Ways to Incentivize and Motivate Your Employees

If you own a small business, you’re reliant on getting the most out of your workers to ensure successful outcomes. With our tips, you’ll be able to motivate your employees to go above and beyond for a business that shows them appreciation and respect.

10 Tips For Recruiting Better Employees

Recruiting can be a challenging, but necessary task to fill gaps in your workforce or replace employees who are retiring. A lot...
startup company

Boost Productivity and Increase Sales for Your Startup Company

This post is for anyone struggling to figure out how to improve productivity in their startup company and convert leads into sales. Just go through this guide and find out what you have been missing.

How B2B Omnichannel Customer Service Can Help You

It's becoming increasingly more difficult to attract and retain customers in our day and age of almost infinite diversity and constant change. This is why quality customer service assistance from omnichannel is essential for success.
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The Visa Award Card by Tremendous Company

It is impossible for businesses to earn customer loyalty without an organized and motivated team of employees. This where the Visa award card from Tremendous Company comes to the rescue.
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How to Make Work Less Stressful for Your Employees

Workplace stress can significantly influence business revenue and performance. If left unaddressed, a stressful work environment can threaten a company’s existence. Use some of the methods listed here to reduce office stress.
More Productive

7 Ways to Empower Your Team to Be More Productive

In the modern world, teams are an essential part of any successful business and are the backbone of any organization. If you empower them to be more productive, they will reciprocate that empowerment.
Choosing a Credit Card

Choosing a Credit Card: 6 Important Factors to Consider

Credit cards today allow consumers to have higher spending power than their income. For that reason, most business owners choose to have multiple credit cards. However, while it can be tempting to want to sign up for every card we are offered, it is important to consider some essential factors before opting for any specific credit card.
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Job Satisfaction: 6 Ways to Create a Happy Workforce

A happy workforce is a productive workforce. If your employees don’t have job satisfaction, morale will plummet and absenteeism will increase. Subsequently, the quality and output of your products or services will suffer. Here are six ways to improve job satisfaction and create a happy workforce.