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Cash For Appliances Offer Earth Day Savings

More than four months after states first started rolling out their appliance rebate programs, Earth Day is seeing those efforts reach their peak, reports...
Millennial Business Owners - featured image

Millennial Business Owners Cash in on a Changing World

Over the past two decades, the way the world conducts business has changed dramatically. And who is responsible for much of that change? Millennial business owners, that’s who!
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Cashback Programs: The Most Popular Type of Loyalty Scheme

What are cashback programs? They are programs that allow consumers to earn back money from their purchases. Customers love these programs, because they can use their savings to pay bills or buy things they want and need.
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Why Banks Need to Manage ATM Cash Distribution Networks

ATMs provide customers with the convenience of accessing or depositing cash around the clock. These machines also help banks minimize risks and reduce costs. To continue providing these benefits, banks need to manage their cash distribution networks.
shares trading

Shares Trading: What It’s About and How to Cash In

Financial freedom is just a dream for the vast majority of people. But only a few manage to build wealth. One strategy is share trading. See how it can work for you.
call recording

Call Recording Solutions Offer Superb Business Advantages

With hosted call recording systems in place, business owners can perform a SWOT analysis of their data. It's not just for big business anymore.
commercial cash-out refinance

Why You Should Consider a Commercial Cash-out Refinance

Have interest rates gone down since you first took out your mortgage? For more favorable terms, a commercial cash-out refinance can help.
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3 Proven Cash Flow Strategies for Your Business

Out of all the challenges that come with running a business, cash flow is by far the biggest. The good news is, there are ways to protect your business against these issues. Here, you'll discover three proven cash flow strategies for small businesses.
Merchant Cash Advance - featured image

Could a Merchant Cash Advance Help You?

If you’re looking for a short-term solution for your company’s money worries, a merchant cash advance could be just what you need.

Offer a Bonus to Bring More Customers Your Way

Are you looking for ways to attract customers and keep them coming back for more? Then try offering a free gift or bonus. You could be happily surprised with the results.
college students

5 Ways College Students Can Earn Some Supplemental Cash

The question of how college students can make extra cash has more than one solution. Using what you already have, you can make extra change. This could include skills like academic or IT knowledge or creative ability. Or perhaps you just have old textbooks to sell. For college students, earning extra money is a matter of using what you already have.
student loans

Free Up Cash for Your Startup by Refinancing Your Student Loans

If you're eager to launch your new business but finances are holding you back, you're not alone. Funding is one of the most common barriers to starting a business. As a matter of fact, most entrepreneurs have to get creative to launch their ventures. Crowdfunding, borrowing from friends and family, and applying for SBA loans are common approaches, but there are other options, as well. One avenue that many people don't consider is refinancing their student loans.

Merchant Cash Advance: How It Can Help You Fund Your Business

Do you need funding for your business? If your business that accepts credit or debit card payments from your customers, you could qualify for a merchant cash advance. It's an easy, straightforward funding solution that will work with your business cash flow.

What to Do When Your Business Needs an Influx of Cash

When you’re in need of a loan, generally the first option that comes to mind is going to the bank and applying for one. However, especially after the disastrous financial crisis that engulfed the globe a few years ago, banks have started to be quite tough in selecting their candidates. This generally means that, unless you have a spotless credit score, you’ll most likely be rejected. And even if you get accepted, you’re bound to have little to no control over many of the conditions concerning your loan. If you’re looking for some fresh options, read on.

Raise Money to Start Your Business by Selling Your Real Estate for Cash

Are you looking for ways to raise funds for starting your business? If you own a piece of real estate that’s been more of a money pit than a cash cow, you might want to consider selling it for cash.

The Cashier Gives Way to Direct Payment Tech

Tapping your card, clicking a button on your phone, and keeping your card information in a company's system are just a few of the...

Coupons and Cash Back Drive Sales

According to eMarketer's "Shoppers Turn to Smartphones and Tablets to Cash in Coupons," only 36.5% of businesses planned to offer mobile coupons in 2014....

Make Life Easier with International Sim Card and Its Fantastic Offers

With the advancement in the telecommunications, there are no worries about to have a talk or chat with the person related to business or...

Tips To Help That Small Business Cashflow

Anyone running a small business knows how hard it can be to get that cashflow working for you. There are many challenges that need...

Short On Cash?

CNNMoney.com asks, short on cash? Join the new old economy and swap. There's no recession in barter," said Debbie Lombardi as she navigated the crowd...