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CubeSat Cameras - featured image

CubeSat Cameras: A Revolution in Space Technology

A revolution in satellite technology is upon us, as launching satellites has never been cheaper. CubeSat cameras are helping to lead the rise in geospatial monitoring and other space technologies that could change the world as we know it.
history of the barcode - featured image

How the creation of a barcode changed everything

How the usage of a barcode has changed from when it was created to now.
anti-coronavirus procedures

Anti-Coronavirus Procedures: Educate Your Staff

Anti-coronavirus procedures must be communicated to employees in businesses all across the nation. Here's how to get the information right.
water damage - featured image

Water Damage: What Real Estate Owners Need to Know

Residential property can sustain water damage from leaking pipes, improperly fitted home appliances, or a natural disaster. For real estate owners, this is a serious issue. So if you suspect water damage in one of your properties, find a restoration expert as soon as possible.
Ponzi Model - featured image

What Are Ponzi Models?

If you have been around the business world for a while, you have probably heard the term Ponzi model or Ponzi scheme. The very utterance of this phrase sends a frisson of fear down the spines of investors, many of whom have invested at one time or another in a scheme about which they suspected the worst. In this post we share the red flags to help you avoid Ponzi schemes.
Trade with a regulated broker - featured image

Benefits of Trading with a Regulated Broker

When deciding who to choose as your broker, be sure to choose a regulated broker. A regulated broker can help you mitigate risk while aiming for higher payoffs.
project management courses

A Convenient Guide to Project Management Courses

The various project management courses reflect the different project methodologies in the discipline. It’s important to be sure that you take the course that will best serve your project management career. Many project management courses require a significant commitment of time and effort. Then, of course, there are course fees for any training course you attend. So do your research before you commit yourself. Read on for an overview of the main types of project management courses.

How Skill Games Can Benefit Your Business

All leaders should be constantly looking at ways of improving their team’s skills, abilities and output. From politics to sport and music to technology,...

Affordable Marketing Strategies for Promoting Your Online Business

Affordable marketing strategies are available all across the World Wide Web. They are not far from your grasp. You just need to know where to look. Moreover, your marketing efforts don’t need to eat into your profit margins. Read on to discover our top tips for affordable marketing to promote your online business.

From Milk Comes Road Lines

Holland Sentinal: “The highway centerline has been called the single most important traffic safety device in the history of automobile transportation, and Edward Hines originated...

The History Of The Twisted Pretzel

Soft or hard, have you ever wondered where the idea for a twisted pretzel was first born? Here is a little background on...

Monkey Biz Idea

nebusiness.co.uk: A Northumberland-born entrepreneur has returned to the UK from Australia – and brought her new business idea with her. Entrepreneur Clare Robinson, who is originally...

Niche Biz: Psychoanalysis Couches

Post Gazette: Psychoanalysis, the treatment originated by Sigmund Freud more than a century ago that requires patients to lie on a couch and...

From Milk Comes Road Lines

Holland Sentinal: “The highway centerline has been called the single most important traffic safety device in the history of automobile transportation, and Edward Hines originated...

Today in Entrepreneurial History: July 9

On this day in 1819, Elias How the american inventor and sewing machine pioneer was born. Contrary to popular belief, Howe was not...

Snake Oil’s Secret Ingredient: Mercury and Lead

You've heard the term "snake oil salesman" to refer to someone who sells something that claims to have miraculous, usually healing, powers. Their...

Art Comes To Life In Stuffed Creatures

The potential for a business is endless. There are so many unique ideas, some that people haven't touched on yet and some that...

Burger Girl Now In India

‎Franchise India: The fast food concept Burger Girl, originated in the United States, has entered India via master franchise route. The brand presently has two...

Do You Have An Idea Or Invention?

It may seem obvious to some, but the line between an idea or invention can become blurred in the rush to make that first...

American Franchise Spotlight: Menchie’s

Fox Business: Despite New Year's resolutions, our hankering for something sweet is creating plenty of opportunity for American entrepreneurs. And husband wife team Danna and...