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Finding the Right Properties to Invest In

When it comes to finding the right properties to invest in, much of your success will depend on how well you understand what it is you're looking for.
remote companies

5 Amazing Statistics About Remote Companies

Various agencies around the world are studying remote companies. They point out the trends remote companies are setting and how well they perform. Here are some highlights of what they have found.

Your Home Office on the Road: A Converted Mercedes Benz Camper Van

Are you self-employed? Do you dream of taking your life—and your business—on the road? Do you see yourself traveling from town to town, living as a troubadour of old, except for the fact that you use your phone as a hotspot so you can do freelance work for clients at will? Well, here’s an idea that could put you a step closer to that dream: a plan for converting a Mercedes Sprinter into a luxurious camper van. (If you’re going to dream, you might as well dream in Technicolor, right?) Read on for more details.

Should You Buy Yourself A Job?

Franchising.net.au: Ben Forrest writes... While there are undoubtedly some systems out there that really are nothing more than buying yourself a job, this is nonsense for...

How Americans Spend Their Money

'Tis the season for turning otherwise normal people into up-at-dawn, deal-seeking lunatics. What better time than the holidays to look at how consumers --...

Small Biz Confidence On The Rise

Small business confidence has seen a rise in November, making it the highest number since the recession began. According to Bloomberg, small business...

ColorTyme Rent-to-Own Stores See Increase In Furniture Rentals

Earthtimes: ColorTyme, America's oldest franchisor of rent-to-own furniture, appliance and electronics stores said today its franchisees reported an increase in furniture rentals during the first...