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Deciding on a Part-Time Career After Retirement

Many people who retire from their full-time jobs find that they are not quite ready to sit back and do nothing. If that sounds like you here are three part-time job ideas you can consider to keep you busy.
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Guide to Becoming a Part-Time Forex Trader

Looking for a way to supplement your income? There are lots of good options to consider. However, perhaps none is better than becoming a part-time Forex trader.

Part-Time Consigning Big Business

What if you only had to work twice a year, with enough time between projects to rest? That is the joy in a...

Part-Time Consigning Big Business

What if you only had to work twice a year, with enough time between projects to rest? That is the joy in a...

From Part-Time Worker To Owning Four McDonald’s Branches Gerald Thompson Is Franchisee Of The...

Mirror.co.uk: Joining McDonald’s as a part-time crew member in Milton Keynes when he was 16 set Gerald Thompson on to a successful career path as...

Franchising & Part-Time Economy

BusinessWings: As the number of people working part-time soars, franchise opportunities are proving ideal vehicles for combining two incomes, according to a survey of more...

I’m Lovin’ It: McDonald’s Hiring For 800 Part-Time Jobs

AZFamily: If you're looking for a job, McDonald's is the place to be on Wednesday, Sept. 8. Restaurants throughout the state will be hiring up...

Part-Time Blogging Leads To Income For Mom

Chicago Sun-Times: Lisa Martin, a die-hard Green Bay Packers fan and Wisconsinite whose fate is to live in Oak Lawn, is gaining a following and...

Managing Part-Timers

photo credit: PhilipRood.com In today’s economy, managers are sometimes forced to cut down on their head count and then in turn start relying on...

From Part-Time Entrepreneur To Full-Time Business Owner In The Algarve

FranchiseDirect: Fiona Butler talks about her myDestinationsInfo.com franchise in the Algarve, in Portugal. "I took the Algarve franchise for myDestinationsInfo.com in early 2007. I was looking...
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Start Your Own Business Now: 5 Tips for Doing Things Right

Are you looking for ways to start your own business? Starting a business can be a daunting task, but it's not impossible. This blog post discusses some tips that will help you get started on the right foot. Read on to learn more.
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8 Up-and-Coming Places to Visit Before You Retire

Like many Americans, you probably cannot stop dreaming about your retirement. So, whether you are ready for matching beach chairs or planning an early retirement getaway, these eight locations are must-see places to visit before you retire. (And, hey, maybe you can actually retire there.)
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Thinking About Working from Home? Here’s What to Consider

Have you been offered a position in which you could be working at home, whether full-time, part-time, or freelance? Before you send out that acceptance letter, there are a couple of things to consider.
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Kid Business Ideas

It’s never too early for kids to dive into entrepreneurship. Whether they want to earn some extra money or are inspired to...
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Starting a Music Label? Avoid These Common Mistakes

The music business is one of the toughest and most competitive industries out there. But if you manage to avoid some of the major mistakes so many labels commit when getting started, you’ll have a chance to make a space for yourself.
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Opening Your Own Restaurant? 5 Things to Know First

If you love cooking and consider yourself a cut above the average home chef, chances are you’ve thought about opening your own restaurant. Knowing what you’re getting into from the very beginning can help you make your business a success.
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Easy-to-Start Business Ideas for Budding Entrepreneurs

It is every budding entrepreneur's dream to become a business tycoon one day. However, starting a business these days, especially in the pandemic era, is not easy. So why not start simply with one of the following part-time business ideas?
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Malta: The Epicenter of the Gambling Industry

Malta is a fantastic country to reside in or visit. As an island county, it is an outstanding tourist attraction for people from all walks of life. It is a popular destination for more than 1.6 million tourists visiting every year.

How to Start a Bookkeeping Business

If you're looking for a side hustle, or to make some extra money, consider starting a bookkeeping business. It's not too hard...
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4 Ways Investors Can Make Money Online in 2021

One of the positive effects of the pandemic lockdowns was the advent of many new opportunities to make money online. Here, we take a look at some of them.