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Venue Selection: Why It’s Important When You’re Planning an Event

There are many areas that go into making a successful event. However, the single most important thing is your venue selection. Almost all your planning would be for nothing if the venue you select is lacking somehow or not appropriate in an important way. In other words, your venue selection influences many aspects of event management. If you are planning an event this year then do what seasoned event planners do, and spend some extra time on venue selection.

From No Experience To ‘Near Perfect’

CSP Daily News: ARCO's franchisee of the year is Amy Kim, the owner of the gas station and ampm convenience store in Ontario, Calif., reported...

Fortinet Integrated Network Security Is Perfect Recipe For Qdoba Mexican Grill(R)

FOXBusiness: Fortinet -- a market-leading network security provider and worldwide leader of unified threat management solutions -- today announced that Qdoba Mexican Grill, a wholly...
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Can Small-Business Owners Benefit from Walmart Deals?

Small-business owners who are looking for a great place to get all their everyday shopping needs without having to spend too much cash will often find that Walmart is an excellent choice.
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6 Great Ways to Grow Your Salon Business

Scaling your salon business is not easy. It requires careful planning and keen commercial instincts. In this blog, we look at six ways you can grow your salon business for success.
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Picking Stocks: Let the Power Gauge Report Assist You

To be a successful stock investor, you need to put in the time and effort necessary to learn from the market and refine your trading methods. To give yourself an edge, let the Power Gauge Report help you with picking stocks.
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Beginner’s Guide to Online Betting in the US

In this post, we'll cover all you need to know about online betting. We will cover how to place your bets and how to increase the likelihood they will be successful. Additionally, we will throw in some beginning betting advice.
offshore software development - featured image

Offshore Software Development: The Benefits of Doing It Well

Offshore software development can save companies money, enable them to be more innovative, and help them utilize local resources more effectively. Find out how.
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Big Bitcoin Shopping Opportunities You’ll Love

The crypto-friendly phase of shopping has now arrived, and it is progressing nicely. So if you haven't yet begun accepting bitcoin in payment for your business's products and services, perhaps this post will convince you to consider that option now.
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How to Make a Fragrance Last Longer

The impression you make in the business world has a lot to do with how you dress and how you present yourself in public. And a big part of your personal presentation is the fragrance you choose, as well as learning to make it last.
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VLATACOM and Vladimir Cizelj Improve ICT Security

How can you stop data manipulation by malicious intruders on your site? Security systems developed by Vladimir Cizelj and VLATACOM Institute can help. Find out more in this article.
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How to Manage Remote Teams Effectively

Managing remote teams can be difficult. However, in times like ours, managers and business owners must learn how to do that and do it effectively.
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SE Ranking Backlink Checker and Monitoring: A Review

SE Ranking SEO software has emerged as one of the most comprehensive online tools for marketing and SEO. With it, you'll increase your clientele base by drawing in better leads.
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10 Proposal Mistakes That Hurt Digital Marketing Agencies

Most digital marketing agencies try to close sales by issuing a proposal for their products and services. However, these aren’t always effective. If you’re consistently losing deals, it could be due to one or more proposal mistakes that are hurting your long-term growth.
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What to Look for When Hiring for Your Finance Department

Filling out your finance department may feel like a steep challenge, but don’t get bogged down in the details. Find someone with the experience you need and an attitude that fits your culture, then teach the rest along the way.
brand awareness - featured image

4 Powerful Tactics for Increasing Brand Awareness

If your company is the newest kid on the block, the first thing you need to do is run a brand awareness campaign. There are several key marketing techniques you can use to good effect. In this post, we discuss four of those tactics.
New employees 3

Best Practices for Hiring New Employees

How do you find and hire someone who will be a long-term asset to your business? Follow these best practices for hiring new employees and you’ll be covered.
Using Instagram - featured image

Using Instagram for Fun and Profit: A Few Tips

In this article, we discuss how to use Instagram to get the most out of that platform. Hopefully, you'll gain some insights about using Instagram not only for entertainment but also for promoting your business.
luxury gifts

Luxury Gifts: A Few Ideas That Your Prospective Backers Will Adore

It’s time for business. But that doesn’t always mean dry talk in fusty meeting rooms. As a matter of fact, a simple meeting with a potential backer quite often isn’t enough to secure your funding. Have you considered some extras, including luxury gifts?
commercial vehicle insurance

Commercial Vehicle Insurance: What Should You Look for in a Policy?

When it comes to choosing a policy for your business's commercial vehicle insurance, be sure to do your research. You never know when you're going to need for your insurance policy to come to the rescue. Therefore, making the right choice is truly important.