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8 Design Tools Budding Business Owners Should Know About

Congratulations on starting your own business! These eight design tools can help you establish a professional brand identity and generate quality content.
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Build an Online Presence: Small Business Web Design

You are a popular local family business or a startup business or an established business group. However, you need to grow in your niche market. How do you do this? You build an online presence.
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Work at Home? How to Separate Work and Personal Life

One common issue facing at-home business owners is the difficulty of learning to separate their work and personal lives. We address this issue here.
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Let Employees Design the New Workspace After Relocation

Statistics show that among businesses that recently relocated, only businesses that allowed their employees to be an active part of the moving process were successful afterward. So if you’re planning on relocating your company, be sure to allow employees to have a hand in designing their new workspace.
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DIY Website or a Professional Design: Which Is Better?

Every company needs an online identity. This means your company needs social media accounts and a good logo. In addition, you’ll need a great website. But who should develop your website? Must you hire a professional web design company? Or would a DIY website do the trick?
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Your Personal Brand: 6 Creative Tips to Get Noticed

A strong personal brand could make the difference between a thriving professional practice and a lifetime of more or less anonymous toil. Here’s what you should do to distinguish your personal brand from those of your professional doppelgangers.
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Let Personalized Lanyards Benefit Your Business

Is there a trade show or business seminar in your future? If so, why not plan now to bring along some personalized lanyards? They can help to promote your company while you're there and long after the event is over.
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7 Reasons Why a Personalized T-Shirt Is Good for Your Business

There comes a time in every business owner’s life when it’s time to think outside the box. A personalized t-shirt can be one way of coming up with something new. Here are several reasons why you want to have a personalized t-shirt for your business.
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Ecommerce Design: These 3 Elements Make the Sale

Ecommerce dominates the marketplace. As a matter of fact, ecommerce accounted for nearly $43 billion in sales in July 2018 alone, an 8.7% increase year over year. But of course, not all ecommerce sites are created equal. What's more, some features really make a page stand out. If you want to put your company’s ecommerce site on the cutting edge, these three ecommerce design elements are a must.
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An Employer’s Guide to UK Personal Protective Equipment Regulation

The UK has an impressive range of laws and regulations to keep workers safe. This includes regulations regarding the use of personal protective equipment.
ICO website

How Will You Determine the Best Design for Your ICO Website?

If you’re planning an initial coin offering, or ICO, you’re going to need an ICO website. You can use your ICO website as a platform for fundraising. With it, you can also impress others with your coin’s geometric progression. For some useful tips on ICO website design, here are some points to consider.

Make a Small Business Grow with the Help of a Personal Loan

Starting your own business is a difficult thing to do, even though the satisfaction it brings can make it all worthwhile. All the same, once you start your own business it can be hard to make it grow. Most likely you invested your own money in the beginning. And now, if you want to make things happen faster, you might want to look into a personal loan.

Personalized Wine Bottles

PersonalWineBottles.com is a company that creates hand-painted and, hand-etched wine bottles. Customers can select everything from the design of the bottle to the...

Personalized Photo Blankets

PR Web: Oakland-based Printable Memories, a company specializing in custom photo gifts, has announced that they are now offering personalized photo blankets. The company is...

Personal Size Submarine

Most people think of submarines as they are for military use. However, Hugh Fulton has brought them down to a personal size with...

From Child To Tween, Website Lets Girls Design Their Own Clothing

If you have a daughter, then you're probably aware of how many young women tend to be very fashion forward. Either they know...

Selling Designer Jeans Through Home Parties

Companies find many different ways to market their product to consumers. A popular and effective way is through direct sales. That is...

Build-Your-Own Locket Design

Young teens are usually spending time with friends or thinking of boys, but Isabella Weems was already running her own business. She is...

Personalized Photo Blankets

PR Web: Oakland-based Printable Memories, a company specializing in custom photo gifts, has announced that they are now offering personalized photo blankets. The company is...

Teens Personalized Million Dollar Market

Jamestown Sun: As the thousands of Sophias and Isabellas and Jacobs and Masons born this past year will learn when they go to pick up...