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Play Games With Your Employees

According to Inc.com, College Hunks Hauling Junk uses sales contests to encourage rivalries and boost employee motivation. Nick Friedman had an idea. Suppose you could...
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Earn While Playing Video Games: Here’s How

What's your favorite pastime? What if you could make money playing your favorite video games, such as Call of Duty, Fortnite, or Pokémon Go?

Leading Game Retailers Play N Trade And Dimension Games Merge

Franchising.com: Now there are even more reasons and more locations for gamers to celebrate a big win! California based Play N Trade Video Games International...

GAMES ON THE GO® Puts The Fun In ‘Firing Your Boss’ To Play Video...

Sacramento Bee: GAMES ON THE GO®, a pioneer in the "Mobile Arcade & Entertainment Industry," announces its franchise opportunity. Providing a "true arcade experience" to...

Playing Marketing Games On Twitter

Debby Icide had never used Twitter, but all it took was one tweet to boost sales at Gaia Essentials, her small boutique in Moss...
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The Legal Arena: Games That Danced with Litigation

Video games contain some very graphic and sometimes arguably gratuitous violence, but the courtroom is where things truly get ugly.
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Building Players’ Trust in the Canadian Gambling Market

Charlotte Fitzgerald, editor in chief at Casimoose.ca, joins us in discussing the challenges the Canadian gambling industry faces today. She tells of how she and her team managed to turn a negative tide into a win-win situation by building and maintaining trust with their audience.
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How to Make Money Gambling Online: Games Based on Skill

Victories in online gambling are rare. However, it is easier to win large amounts of money in games based on skill rather than in games based on luck.
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Twitch Gives You a Choice: Video Games or Singing

In recent years, Twitch has become a major outlet for young, tech-savvy entrepreneurs who use the online video streaming site to make...
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How Smart Is It to Play Your Money in Online Casinos?

If you want to take a break from the pressure cooker of running your business by playing games in online casinos, do so with caution, applying the wisdom you'll find in this post.
World Cup

How Do the World Cup Games Affect the World of Business?

Nearly 3.5 billion people watched the World Cup games this year. In terms of revenue, one of the biggest winners, of course, was FIFA. That organization came in with a $6.5 billion win in projected revenue for the 2015-2018 cycle. The soccer club Manchester United raked in $4.1 billion. There were other big winners, too, including television broadcasters. But did your small business win or lose as a result of this year's World Cup games?

How Skill Games Can Benefit Your Business

All leaders should be constantly looking at ways of improving their team’s skills, abilities and output. From politics to sport and music to technology,...

How One Man Made 22 Games in 22 Years

He thinks that we should allow our games to go crazy sometimes.

The Rise of Casual Video Games

If you’ve heard of Angry Birds, but don’t understand the appeal, perhaps this NY Times article: will help: In 2009, 25 years after...

Niche Games: Pickleball

New people invent new games all of the time, but sometimes one of those games will gain a following. For Pickleball, that would...

Biz Opp: Vintage Pinball Machines And Arcade Games

Coast River Business Journal: Chris Donner likes games... vintage stuff. Pinball machines and arcade games. Now, the 29-year-old has purchased Pacific Glass Inc. in northern Lincoln City...

Board Games That Combine Real and Virtual

The ePawn Arena is...

The Rise of Casual Video Games

If you’ve heard of Angry Birds, but don’t understand the appeal, perhaps this NY Times article: will help: In 2009, 25 years after...

Inventor Plays With Innovative Toy Inspiration

How many times have you toyed with your inventions before reaching a final product? For over a quarter century, Tony Morley has tinkered...

Teddy Sagi and Playtech.

Today we all know how big the world of internet is and how much it can offer us through websites, live streams of tv...