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paid search marketing

Some Practical Reasons Why You Should Invest in Paid Search Marketing

One Internet advertising model that enjoys great popularity among small businesses is paid search marketing. This is also called pay-per-click, or PPC, advertising. One of the most compelling things about PPC advertising is the fact that it provides immediate results. More precisely, within an hour of your placing an ad, people will click on it and visit your website. So now the question is, should you include pay-per-click ads in your marketing mix?

30 Practical Ways Your Small Business Can Improve Customer Service

When it comes to growing a business, customer service is key. It sounds simple, but it’s a philosophy that is either forgotten or neglected...

The Practical Chef Brings The Cooking Lessons To You

While your favorite cooking show might be a great way to learn a new recipe or skill, nothing will ever beat having an actual...

Practical Small Business SEO And SEM Marketing Ideas

photo credit: rachaelvoorhees crowdSPRING is a small company (our team is 10 people). For a small company, efforts spent on one marketing initiative typically...
data analytics - featured image

10 Frequently Asked Data Analytics Interview Questions

Whether you're applying for a position as a data analyst or you're a hiring manager for one of these positions, this post is written with you in mind. Here we offer up ten questions that are frequently asked during a data analytics interview, providing insights on each one.

Best Lawyer Options For A Business Bankruptcy

Sometimes, no matter how hard you work at your business, there are times when seeking the counsel of a bankruptcy attorney might be a good thing to do. If nothing else, just to learn what your options might be and take the pressure off of you. Read this article for Best Lawyer Options to be aware of...

Vector Marketing Encourages Companies to Partner With Universities

Marketwire: With the economic downturn showing just meager signs of improvement, those in charge of corporate hiring are under increasing pressure to recruit people who...

Briary Garden Services Branches Out With First Franchise

nebusiness.co.uk: A gardening business set up by a former finance director when he was made redundant has branched out with its first franchisee. Peter Brewis set...

Better Cloth Diapers For A Happier Baby

New parents have enough to worry about with a new baby, but what about all the baby products they are bombarded with? It can...

International Conference Joins FLAsia 2010

The Franchise Magazine: Due to be held from 21-23 October at Marina Bay Sands, this year's exhibition will also run alongside the International Conference. The FLAsia...

Pet Businesses Booming

One niche that continues to flourish is the pet industry. Everyday new business with names like "Puppy Palace" and "Doggie Dewz" popup. According the...

Paying Entrepreneurs To Find Right Biz

The New York Times: Jim Ellis and Kevin Taweel used a search fund to acquire a $6 million roadside assistance company with 45 employees that...

FLAsia 2008 Hits Record Exhibition Size

Infofranchise.co.uk: The Franchising and Licensing Association Singapore (FLA Singapore) and BizLink Premium Services launched the 2008 Franchising & Licensing Asia (FLAsia 2008) exhibition. Held from...
video marketing - featured image

3 Video Marketing Techniques to Increase Your Conversions

Video content is more powerful than any other medium today, and video marketing is growing accordingly. Here are three useful ways to incorporate video into your marketing strategy.
digital marketing - featured image

Effective Use of Digital Marketing to Outpace the Competition

When it comes to managing a startup, there are quite a few things that require your focus and attention. Unfortunately, this can be downright overwhelming at times, especially when it comes to digital marketing.
Freight Factoring

4 Things Truckers Need to Know About Freight Factoring

When you own a freight company, you may want to consider freight factoring. This means hiring a company or service provider to help you streamline your cash flow. That way, you can focus on other aspects of your company. However, before hiring it's best to understand what freight factoring is.
bitcoin alternatives

Bitcoin Alternatives: The Most Important Other Cryptocurrencies

When people hear about cryptocurrencies, the word “bitcoin” tends to come to mind first. It is not often that people even hear about bitcoin alternatives. In this article, we recommend bitcoin alternatives that are important cryptocurrencies, full of lucrative potential.
File Sharing

3 Need-to-Know Tips for Effective File Sharing

File sharing can be a highly effective way to collaborate with your business's employees and team. To share files quickly and efficiently, the tips below will come in handy for your business.
New Normal

The New Normal: How Your Business Can Adapt in 2021

Most of the commentaries around the COVID-19 pandemic continue to talk about adjusting to the new normal. In the world's current situation, businesses have shifted to a new business model. Use these tips to help your business adapt in 2021.

Is Further Education Valuable for Established Entrepreneurs?

Most people believe education is key to all success. However, is this the case for established entrepreneurs as well? Find out if furthering your education will pay off for your business.